JKD Sweden Reunion

Time passes, covid came by and as a result , we have not been able to meet for a couple of years.

Coshe took the initiative to invite us for a dinner tonight, we met down town Stockholm for a lovely dinner at Helenes Krog och Bar Restaurant where the food and the atmosphere are amazing. It was such a joy to meet some members of our original team again, Coshe and Michel. We had only good memories to share and we spent the evening remembering some good times together, Coshe also surprised Mikael with a birthday celebration.

As we all agreed, we need to keep in touch and meet more often and plan for a session , not only is it a priviledge to train JKD together but it is a much needed feel good moment. We all appreciate the teachings of Mikael and the time he spent on our training and we all agree that he gave us all the tools and the basis for us to evolve and find our own path.

As I have written many times before, JKD changed my life , not only the art but the team and the people we met through it. We have travelled and met some amazing people within the JKD and Bruce Lee family and friends, this is precious to me and will always be one of the best things that happenned to me. Meeting with Coshe and Michel tonight revived the feeling and made me think about all this again and how important it is to keep it alive.

We are the original JKD training team in Sweden under Ted Wong and this is very important to me. Our members are genuine people , we are not about fame or recognition, we appreciate each other greatly and have always been a solid and serious team, we simply are who we are and we have created our own path.

Although we do not have the structure or possibility to start with new students and regular training right now, we all agreed that this should not stop us from meeting and train together whenever it is possible, because again, this team is amazing !

Thank you all for this great dinner and see you all very soon !

Thank you also Savannah, my step daughter ( Mikael´s daughter ) our beautiful ballerina who knows so well what hard training is and who is such an inspiration for her dedication and talent. She is such a good example of what you can do when you put your mind and body into it and dedicate yourself to succeed.


One thought on “JKD Sweden Reunion

  1. Jag har bara träffat er på Ted Wong seminarium för många år sedan, er klubb lämnade ett enormt intryck på mig. Det blev aldrig att jag började träna hos er då jag bodde på andra sidan staden, men de 2 dagarna med er var fantastiskt inspirerande. Mäktigt att du håller bloggen levande. MVH Fredrik Werme


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