Month: February 2013


That was the theme of the wednesday session! at first I worked on technique on mitts, punches and kicks, then Mikael took a long stick and that was the real beginning of the session.

I had to punch above the stick without touching , with right technique and extension, the height  gradually increased and I also had to increse tempo. Same exercise with all kicks and both sides.

Then uppercuts from side to side also moving forward and backwards, that was hard on the legs and to finish me off I had to jump over the stick from side to side and with movement back and forth when I could not do it anymore Mikael just put the stick on the floor and I had to jump until I dropped!

This is very hard but good for the balance and the elasticity,  it is like jumping rope but harder.

I definetely need more of that, Mikael said I did good but I  will  do better next time!