Month: May 2013

Norway 2013

Mikael is back and very happy about the seminar in Norway, he had a great time with a good group of people and kids!

 Mikael is also very glad to have been part of the kid´s Wado Graduation and fencing drills with them 🙂

Even if I was not there, thank you Håkon and Oyvind for your hospitality and for the seminar arrangements.

Home training

Last wednesday we trained with Will and Micke the actor. We only worked on basics once more because Mikael thought that was needed. Home taining is playing an important role, Mikael noticed immediately that some people had not trained for quite some time, it does not mean you lose everything you learnt it means some things are forgotten and need to be remembered again.

I had a good session,  but I also need more training at home, it seems you can´t lower your guard for a minute. It does not come naturally it comes with practise,  nothing more to say .

Mikael is now on the way to Norway, there won´t be a group training for us this weekend, does not mean there won´t be training if you see what I mean …. !

Wishing good luck to Mikael, too bad I could not make it …

Basic and more Basic!

There is never enough basic training, sounds a little boring? not really without it there is no way the JKD technique can evolve,  mastering the basic is the key.

So we worked on the straight lead and hook as well as footwork and kicks, 2 tools were used : a stick and Bob !

Mikael went deep in the critique yesterday that gave  us ( me and Micke the actor ) some things to think about and to work on by ourselves at home.

After the session I discussed with Mikael about the fact that it is time to move the show outside ! The weather is great, summer is almost here, it does not last so long so I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Norway Seminar

Mikael is going to Norway on May 25th and 26th for his second seminar with our friends from Kviteseid Jeet Kune Do(Norway´s official Ted Wong training group).

Will post infos and pictures as soon as available.

Angry Birds…

Wow there are a lot of angry people out there, angry with life, angry with people, angry with everything… I used to be one of them and what did that bring me? More negativity and the hole I was digging was getting deeper, so one day I decided to try to be happy, I chose to take what I had and make the best of it , life Is easier that way. There are battles that are not meant to taken, especially inner ones. Everyone has his own load of inside demons and some of us have been through hell, I am one of them but I could find the light and take myself out of self destruction. I moved away from a family drama, I live better now, moving to Sweden was probably the best thing I have ever done, the travel was not easy but it´s been 12 years and I learnt a lot to become a better person. JKD and all that it brought me on a personal level has a lot to do with my better balanced state of mind.

The other Bruce !

There are few famous people I admire aside from Bruce Lee, actually it is pretty simple there are 2, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen.

I never had the chance to see Michael in concert and I deeply regret that because it will never happen but I have the chance to see Bruce Springsteen and this is why I never missed a concert in Sweden since 2006.

Just like Bruce Lee´s movies, I listened to Michael and Springsteen´s music more or less since I was born, these people are lasting forever,  this is one of the reasons why I admire them.

From what I counted, Bruce Springsteen wrote 202 songs that were recorded and numbers of songs that did not make it on albums, a career that started in 1962 and is still going on. In 2013 at 63, the man fills a Stockholm stadium with more than 55000 people two nights in a row, how many can do that after so many years?

I went to both concerts with Mikael who has seen more concerts than me ( !!! ),   I hope we can make it to the third one on saturday !