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Daily training outside the Group

Happy Chinese New Year

February 16th, 2018 officially begins the year of the Dog.

“The Dog is the eleventh of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. Monkey, Rooster and Dog were in another country, helping a god defeat evil spirits. After, they set off to the party together. Because they arrived at the same time, the Jade Emperor went by the order they met the god in the other country. Thus, Dog became eleventh.”

“Honest and loyal, Dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner.”

Happy New year from JKD Sweden



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27/11/2017 = 77

Bruce Lee would have been 77 today . I can´t help but think it is such a pity he is not around anymore. I feel the same way every year and this since my childhood, this is very strange how I always have that same feeling.

A lot of people wish the same, I guess we only can imagine who he would have become and how far he would have gone.


this is one of my favorite quotes and certainly one of the most accurates for today :

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering” . Bruce Lee

He has certainly accomplished this , his short life was so rich and has given so much to the world.

Never replaced , never forgotten and if you ask me , never outmatched.

Today is a time for a celebration of a great man, immortal you shall be .



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hello friend

I have been back to the gym for a month now and it feels very good.

Yesterday I even said hello to an old friend, the heavy bag ! Now that feeling is something else,  first I felt rusty , slow and the technique was not good, but  after a while and repetitions my body started to remember how it´s done and it got better.

I filmed myself just to check the form and I was pleasantly surprised , it was not as bad as I thought.

I trained all punches by themselves and combinations, footwork and kicks, I tried to get some flow in it and at the end I did a round with full power just to know if I could handle it and especially if my shoulder would take it.

I was very tired afterwards but very statisfied, I got back that training feeling .

And there is more good news, I don´t feel the pain in my shoulder today, it means I can handle it ! of course I am expecting muscle sourness later in today but that is just part of it .

I will take it easy with sparring as this is when my shoulder got injured but there is no reason why I can do all the rest 🙂



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Time to rise

People have told me the first year of grief is the worst and it gets better after that  but this is only when you are there that you know it is true or not. I don´t think it is true for everyone  but as far as I am concerned it took me one year  to wake up from the status I put myself in. I chose to stop being social, meet with friends, go out and train all together. I just could not do things,  not that I did not want to but  I felt my body would collapse if I did. I really don´t think something was wrong with my body but definetly with my mind.  My mother is gone and I still can´t really understand it but the difference between now and the past year is that I don´t take this as an excuse to burry myself and let myself go.I feel I am very harsh with myself by saying that but this is because I can´t go on like this forever, now is time to wake up and not only for me but because she would have wanted me to.

So I have started training again and the first session was not that intense but it almost killed me ! not so surprising considering the one year inactivity, the best part is that I felt so happy even if I could not move for almost 3 days!

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It was not a good year.

Early January I learnt about my mother´s terminal disease, in April she passed away. She had been sick for a year and they did not tell me about it, not to worry me or to disturb my life they said, but I feel like I was left aside and did not get the chance to be there for her, to help her, to spend time with her and to show her how important she was to me. I have heard similar behaviors from a lot of people living abroad away from their families, I have a hard time accepting it, even if I know it was to protect me, it took away some precious moments I could have shared with her.

While I am dealing with that and the fact that I feel guilty because if I had not been living far away I would not have been left aside, I must also live with grief and I need to understand that she won´t be there when I go back home next time.

I was on her death bed, they called me the day before and I took the first flight to France , I could be there a few hours before she passed,  I sat beside her bed holding her hand but she was never conscious and I will never know if she knew I was there.

There are so many things I feel I should have said and done, I thought I had time , I thought she would live many more years and I certainly was not ready for this. For me who did not know,  it took 3 months,  unlike the rest of the family who had 1 year with her from the time they knew about the cancer.


Now I have to live with this and go on but it is always easier said than done , until you experience the loss of a mother you can´t understand what it feels like.


I have not set a foot in a training room this year, I have not set a foot outside on my balcony this summer, and living in Sweden believe me you are waiting for the summer for months and you get out as much as you can while you can!

I have not done anything at all this summer, I stayed in my apartment most of the time watching movies. I allowed myself to grieve, I allowed myself the time it took but I know I can´t go on like this because it is starting to affect my health. Now because of inactivity,  I get back and neck problems, to the point that my doctor said I should wait until I get back to training. Inactivity is affecting my body and my mind and I need to get back on track soon.


For those who have read my blog, at the beginning I am talking about how JKD changed my life and how training has made me a better person. I have tried to find these feelings again but I could not get to  feel that again this passed year.

I am not making a new year resolution,  this is just ridiculous to me , I am taking the decision to not let my grief take me down to the point I can´t get back up. The whole point with JKD is to not get down but if you do,  get the hell back up as soon as you can and soon is now.




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Other fighting methods

This is a martial art blog alright but I want to talk about another type of fighter, someone who fought till the end, I mean the fighting spirit,  the force of the mind , I mean my mother.

I just lost her, she fought till the end with her mind as her body just let her down. She had numerous illnesses,  cancer, MS, extreme asthma and some other stuff. She fought so well for one year that people who did not know would have never guessed she was sick and apart from the obvious MS symptoms, she showed nothing else,  this is why her passing was a big surprise for most people. Apart from the closest family she did not want anyone to know she was sick, she did not want anybody feel sorry for her.

I want to talk about the incredible state of mind she had towards the illnesses, most people would have given up including me and If I call myself a fighter, well I am far from being as strong as her.  I am convinced her mind  controlled her body and even if she lost the fight at the end, she gave the cancer a serious kick in the B! They gave her 6 months and she got one year, I am sure this has to do with her state of mind, she never let the illnesses take her down and change her spirit and love for life .

I am weak right now because I lost her, because I did not get enough time with her and because I feel guilty to live in another country far from my family and because I  am not there for them. Right now I am down, I am not afraid to say it and it would be so easy to tell myself it is no use to fight because at the end you lose anyways, but if my mother had let herself down she would have lived 6 months and not 12, I am sure of that.

The new goal of my life is to become as  strong as her for the day I have to face a terminal illness or some other nasty stuff.

If you ask me  who is my hero, I would say my mom.

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Finally !

Glad to see that my blog is finally visible on google ! it only took 6 months!

The other one is now deleted, this one is more secure.

Another good news is that the spring is here and after a very intense beginning of the year it feels that we don´t only think it will be good with training sessions outside,  it is a must !

For family reasons , I am travelling home often this year ,  Mikael stays at home during this time . I have a big family and my brothers are Bruce Lee big fans like all men and women in my family,  this is probably why many of us train martial arts:-)

A member of my family will be visiting soon and we are planning sessions which will feel very good!

Tough beginning of the year but we won´t let this get us down and soon we can start breathing again!


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