Month: March 2010


At least I can say daily training for pushups pays off quite rapidly.

50 pushups in one go ! and no “girl” pushups! I am very pleased.

Yesterday I chose to train Speed  with paper drill and punching ball. Bruce Lee says the more hours you speed train the faster your arms will travel.

I worked with the footwork coordination as well, hand before foot !

Then I finished with  stretching as usual. I have to say this one goes nowhere ! I don´t know how it goes for  Remy but I cannot tell the difference, this is a bit frustrating but I guess I have to work it even harder.

Weight lifting at the gym tonight …


That was only me yesterday. Training at home with “Flying  Micke”  ( see explanation at the end of the post :-))

After two weeks break because of illness, the start was not without pain..

Paper Drill:

Excellent training device , very simple  and valuable exercise, one of  Bruce ´s favourites. I like it too, a lot of time speed training  is required to get faster. This is one of my goals this year, get faster, much faster..

Focus Mitts:

Speed drills, trying to punch the mitt while Micke takes it away just before impact, I have big trouble with this one!

Same drill with hook kick …

Kicking pad:

Side kicks and work on the control of the kick when the partner backs up.


Weights added on the legs and arms:

Hook kicks on mitt , 20 on each side . Heavy drill ! If I thought I felt like an elefant before this was nothing compared to that.

To keep the on guard position with weight on the arms  feels good , because I feel the position of the arms even better .


Heavy bag ( weights still on ):

3 minutes round

1 minute all techniques adding  knees kicks and elbow punches

1 minute full power with all techniques adding  high kicks

Yes this one with weights is  very heavy, takes lots of energy and the good thing about is is when the weights are off, I felt so light and fast !! Good to feel the difference…

Isometric training:

Press the arms up trying to lift the partner

Press against the wall with the arms using the whole body

Press the stomach up in sit-up position while the partner press down

Press the legs up lying on the back , trying to lift the whole 103 kgs body weight of Micke … !

That was it for the day ….

I added some stretching in the evening.

 Add on : “This is How we do it !”

While showing  me how to keep full control of the side kick , position and balance when the partner backs up , Micke went flying right down on the floor, I thought the floor had cracked ! Bad idea to wear socks for training! Too bad the camera was not on 🙂

Dreams …

I have been sick for a week now, all I can think about is training and how many days I am losing…

Anyway , While I do my thinking, I remembered I have a dream and I thought I would write it down tonight.

I am hoping that one day I will be the first woman certified in Sweden and run  my own school. I sit here and smile, I am thinking, My God,  I will be an old woman when / if this happens because this is no little thing. Either than a tremendous amount of work I have ahead of myself to be certified, running a school is no easy task either.

This is big, but dreams are meant to be big.

If I don´t get there I would at least have the satisfaction to have tried and I will get to a  good level after all the work done.  This will be good enough because my personal achievement is number one.

Rest ?

I am always concerned about not being able to train, I have the flu right now and yesterday I was thinking I would get better , and good enough  to train today .. but no. This is not a big catastrophy but I think about it all the time,  I feel restless , unfocused  and guilty.

But the key is not to overdo it, train everyday can be too much. It is not the first time I get sick and extremely tired after I have had such intense workouts on a regular basis.

I am not a weight focused woman, the point for me is absolutely not to loose weight, if any I have to get some. I eat 6 to 7 times a day, I add supplements such as vitamins omega 3 and CLA, and always recovery drinks after the training…. I am very aware of what is a good nutrition and what is needed to be able to train like I do,  so I don´t think the problem comes from there.

I train because I want to be a better JKD fighter. My problem as always,  is when I get this kind of rush in my motivation,  I burn it quickly because I do too much and my body is always reacting the same way: I get sick and I am almost never sick,  it is only a pattern that I have to take seriously now, this is always and only happening after an intense period of daily training.

But this is very easy to cross the line,  so what is enough and what is too much ?

“Don´t think ! FEEL …”

While yesterday was almost only about stretching , push ups and sit ups,

Today started with weight lifting  then stretching and side kick.

I really have to work on my side kick,  so I repeated it as many times as possible trying to feel it right , or better .

After the  training I came to think about when I started with JKD,  I was always thinking too much and looking at myself in the mirror, by that I lost focus, I can´t get of my mind Bruce Lee saying ” Don´t Think! FEEL .. ”

This is also what Micke repeated  several times ” you think too much , just do it !” and now after a couple of years I really understand what they mean… Just do it , again and again until you feel something happening ! …

Now I do my thinking outside the training. 🙂

After each session with Micke I gather all comments I have received and  I practise until I feel a difference.

I don´t mean  that  it looks absolutely perfect then, and that it is all it takes, of course not, but I get it better.

Feeling it is a whole different thing and I am happy to have come to that level.

Sunday 07th


We started with stretching,  we noticed that the kicks have been better lately even if we don´t seem to see any difference when we are stretching, the split is far… far away……..

Remy and Gina facing each other at close range.

. Hook kicks in the stomach, no hard kick hiting the partner, working on  footwork , speed and perfecting the kick´s shape .

. Side kicks, same drill

. Straight lead ( no hit , the punch goes right passed the head) working with the correct body posture and extention of the arm)

Remy and Gina next to each other:

.50 side kicks left and 50 right. Left worse than right as usual, working on the posture and kick shape and speed.  We both have problems with the way our side kicks look like.

Focus mitts:

. 2 hook kicks low+ high no landing in between, both sides

. 5  hook kicks all at the same hight no landing, both sides

. 10 hook kicks at the same hight no landing , both sides

Looks good for both of us 🙂

Kicking Pad:

. Shovel hook around 50, full power , working on the extention, go through. This is Ted´s favourite says Micke. This one is definetely not easy to master.

. Straight lead,  around 50, same here , work on punching hard and deep into the pad and move the pad holder back, hard for me to move Remy but I manage a little bit anyway..

. Cross 50, same drill, this one looks very good for both Remy and I.

. Full speed and power Uppercuts both hands 30 seconds – down and  20 pushups –  up and 30 sec uppercuts – down and 100 situps – up and 30sec  jab/ cross. NO break. This is taking a lot of energy and strenght , but feels great !

. Side kicks… work on it !!!

Thai Pads: Coshe left them to us while he is in the US,  the hardest pads ever!!

. Hook Kicks,  both sides , we cannot give it our full power, but somehow we will have to work on this.


. Hook kicks series with no landing back and forth on a 6 meter distance.

. Same drill with side kicks.

This one is not easy but you should see 103 kgs Micke doing this like it was nothing, this is ridiculous 🙂

Push ups

. Hands together in the middle, on the fists, on the fingers.



I felt very tired yesterday after the training, today is the same story as usual  with the muscle pain, but this is not too bad,  I start to get used to it 🙂

I will wait a while after dinner and then do some pushups and stretching, that is about all I can do today, I will spare myself  for tomorrow´s training.


Today at my place:  Remy, Micke  and myself .

When Remy arrived we talked about being tired, but I felt it disappeared directly as we started. This is really interesting to see  how the training gives some energy. Today went pretty well,  the sunday session is always so intense, the hardest of the week and Micke is always adding some  new drills and lots of variations.

We both received some criticism from Micke  about our side kicks and as we were done with the training,  we even got an ultimatum :

 “I want to see  me some good ones next week !”

Well Remy and I know what we have to do this week 🙂


Now I am too exhausted to write :-)…

I will write about the session in details tomorrow….