Sunday 07th


We started with stretching,  we noticed that the kicks have been better lately even if we don´t seem to see any difference when we are stretching, the split is far… far away……..

Remy and Gina facing each other at close range.

. Hook kicks in the stomach, no hard kick hiting the partner, working on  footwork , speed and perfecting the kick´s shape .

. Side kicks, same drill

. Straight lead ( no hit , the punch goes right passed the head) working with the correct body posture and extention of the arm)

Remy and Gina next to each other:

.50 side kicks left and 50 right. Left worse than right as usual, working on the posture and kick shape and speed.  We both have problems with the way our side kicks look like.

Focus mitts:

. 2 hook kicks low+ high no landing in between, both sides

. 5  hook kicks all at the same hight no landing, both sides

. 10 hook kicks at the same hight no landing , both sides

Looks good for both of us 🙂

Kicking Pad:

. Shovel hook around 50, full power , working on the extention, go through. This is Ted´s favourite says Micke. This one is definetely not easy to master.

. Straight lead,  around 50, same here , work on punching hard and deep into the pad and move the pad holder back, hard for me to move Remy but I manage a little bit anyway..

. Cross 50, same drill, this one looks very good for both Remy and I.

. Full speed and power Uppercuts both hands 30 seconds – down and  20 pushups –  up and 30 sec uppercuts – down and 100 situps – up and 30sec  jab/ cross. NO break. This is taking a lot of energy and strenght , but feels great !

. Side kicks… work on it !!!

Thai Pads: Coshe left them to us while he is in the US,  the hardest pads ever!!

. Hook Kicks,  both sides , we cannot give it our full power, but somehow we will have to work on this.


. Hook kicks series with no landing back and forth on a 6 meter distance.

. Same drill with side kicks.

This one is not easy but you should see 103 kgs Micke doing this like it was nothing, this is ridiculous 🙂

Push ups

. Hands together in the middle, on the fists, on the fingers.



I felt very tired yesterday after the training, today is the same story as usual  with the muscle pain, but this is not too bad,  I start to get used to it 🙂

I will wait a while after dinner and then do some pushups and stretching, that is about all I can do today, I will spare myself  for tomorrow´s training.