Month: January 2013

Weight Lifting

Yesterday was all about lifting weights and stuff.  That was hard but needed, I try to lift heavier weights to gain back some muscle that I lost but I don´t overdo it, that would be stupid to injure myself again…

Mikael and I worked out for one hour only , we decided it was enough considering the hard work we put in it.

I so look forward to when the light is back! I want to ride my bike or go running, this year the winter has been the hardest since I live here, so I will enjoy every minute of the light as soon as it is back !

Getting There …!?

We worked on the bag and then on mitts, shadow boxing and finished with wrestling.

Mikael noticed I lack speed in my recovery and my hook also needs some work. We worked on this for a while but I have to do the work at home by myself during the week.

Wrestling is difficult, we are talking about 51kgs vs 110 kgs even if I fight like a mad mosquito I go down eventually and that´s it! There is no way I can get out of there without using some nasty stuff, but we play nice so I tried everything else…. No did not work! J

Good to work on this though, it makes me manage the stress and think about openings and solutions.

We hope for an outdoor training in the weekend, we have lots of snow so we will see if the slope is reachable.

I so look forward to the spring… there is nothing like training outside in the sun I really miss this.


wow ? I mean boo!  sometimes it feels good and sometimes it does not. Training has its ups and downs, how to accpet it is another story.

I felt bad yesterday at some point I even thought than some people up there  must not be very proud right now!

Then Mikael cheered me up:  ” see the bright side,  it can only be better ” , hm that also means it can´t be worse ?! 🙂

But seriously I have had bad days before who hasn´t , it is done now so I am focusing my energy to next time and it will be better!

Happy New Year !

This is the first post of the year , I wish this new year to be full of adventures and training.

My Chinese horoscope is Ok this year, I am a rat and rats are apparently smart, I will have a OK year,  not too good but not bad,  if I behave! 🙂 Last year it said I would have health problems and I had so let´s  hope I am out of this path now.

About my plans for this year, I want to be healthy and able to train,  then I will be in balance,  this is my wish for this year.

Tomorrow will be the first training of the year with Mikael, 2013  let´s go !