Month: August 2015


On Saturday I ran up the ski slope two times (not the big one, the backside) I was surprised that I could run so easily, I for sure need more cardio but my legs were surprisingly strong. Will also commented on the strength of his legs and this is a fact: SQUATS!!!!

I try to educate myself about training techniques all the time, I spend a lot of time on different websites and You Tube videos. Overall I think I am getting better at finding out how to train for my body type and for the goals I have.

I am not always happy, I have no patience  (no wonder,  I am French ! ) but I don´t let this discourage me because if I do,  I will never see results, positive or negative.

Lately I think I gained volume and I am not sure I like it, I know there are different phases in training and it is not so easy to find the right balance. I need to try myself through the process until I find the way to build muscles and get rid of fat without extreme dieting. I am not competing and I don´t want to get ripped either but some definition would be nice. I am still looking for the right balance,  not sure I have found it yet.

I definitely have to introduce more cardio because when I ran the slope it is what failed me the second time up, you can´t train martial arts if you almost die after two punches either!

So 4 times a week at the gym to built some strength and muscles, one JKD group session + own training on my punching bag at home, then running (I will also run a 10K race in September in Stockholm).

Hopefully I have built my shoulders enough to avoid new JKD injuries so I can get back on track when it comes to training. I have a tough schedule but I feel good when I train, better than go home after work and stay in the couch like a potato  ( and become one ! )

Walk on !

Training 15/8

Last Saturday was a great JKD reunion at the Växsjöbacken ski slope in our town.

Coshe, Will, Michel, Micke G, Mikael and myself were there, only Remy was missing

We had some pads training and almost all of us ran the slope 2 times.

We are all for sure in need of more training but it was nice to see that the feeling remains and there is no doubt about the quality of our group, we have always been a great team and this will never change.

Coshe will travel again and we others will go back to the usual training sessions outside in the summer and in the warehouse for the winter. Not having a club anymore is not a problem,  we trained anywhere before and it worked just as fine.

JKD Sweden is  also celebrating 10 years this autumn,   I will write a separate post about that.

Thank you all for a great training , JKD Sweden, going strong !

JKD vs JKD concepts ?

I have never nor would I ever take part in the little war going on between us and concepts. In Martial arts what you learn from the begining is respect , I respect that other people have their own beliefs and train the way they do, this is why there are so many different styles. Now the fact that there are two different JKDs is the reason why people “fight” to claim they train the correct one and the other is wrong.

I will not extend too much on the subject  because it is not “worth my time” ( and I quote Ted  by saying that ). Why having some endless discussions and attitudes?  Just do what you do , put your energy on being the best you can be and follow your own path.

Now I will have to add that the little war is not only crossing through the two styles , within styles are also some conflicts, this is a question of power, ego and stupidity and this is a shame. I have excluded myself from some groups, discussions and FB people because of that, the most important is my training, I have no time for childish discussions and ego trips and again:  put your energy in your training instead !

We are under TED WONG

As it says on the first page of my blog and as anyone who knows anything about Bruce Lee would know, Ted Wong was one of the 2 most qualified people directly certified by Bruce Lee in the highest rank of Jeet Kune Do.Dan Inosanto is the other one and has followed his own path ( JKD concepts ) while Ted has chosen to keep close to Bruce´s teachings even though he has developped the techniques.

I want to make very clear that we have met Ted in several occasions (Mikael more than me of course) and we have received the authorization by him personnaly tro train and teach JKD in Sweden. After Stefan Nikander passed ( who was certified by Ted )  there is no one in Sweden who is authorized to teach JKD in Sweden under the name of Ted Wong,  let´s be clear about that.

Another point is that we are not training under anyone , our direct Sifu was Ted Wong and even after his passing we are still considering ourselves training under Ted and nobody else.

We share an outmost respect for our Sifu and even if he is not with us anymore physically,  he is all around .

welcome back blog !

My blog desappeared for a while,  a change of domain owner or something like that  and I really thought my years of writing had just gone lost forever, but I managed to talk to the new owner and get my blog back which feels very good!

Some stuff happenned, we have less people in our group. We are of course not giving up JKD but  we have chosen to focus on ourselves , some of our guys are travelling or working abroad , this is life but we still are in contact and anytime they are in town we try to meet.

This saturday is a JKD reunion training at our favorite place: the skislope Vaxjöbacken,  we are very pleased!