Month: March 2012

That´s it !!!

that´s it, I am done with not being able to train, something will have to happen now. I am scheduled to the Xray tomorrow morning, I won´t get an answer right away but I decided I will start training anyway and already did.

I worked on footwork and shadow boxing yesterday, I take it easy of course because my back is limiting my movements and my right arm is not good enough , but it is better as the constant pain is gone, I only feel it when I move and if I take it easy I think it will be fine, I will try anyway because I am getting insane soon !

The sun is shining we have beautiful days in Sweden now,  this is the right time to start with outside training, biking and running, can´t wait to pay a visit to the stairs!

Scandinavia is the most depressive place to be in the winters, but the rest of the year is beautiful and the presence of the light can´t be wasted a single minut, so let´s go !


So I thought , well I will train the left side if the right is out of order for the time being, but that is not so easy. there is also something wrong with my back and the doctors say NO TRAINING !

Not only my arm is hurting 24 /7 , so does  my neck , upper and lower back , result : I can do nothing and after two weeks,  I start loosing my mind. I am tired of the pain and depressed.

I tell to myself : what was I whining about last year with my arm injury ? that was nothing, I could at least train other things, now I am totally useless because when the back is not working nothing works! I have difficulty working, walking, sleeping, you name it .

I am waiting for an X ray, it can take 10 days says the doctor, only after that can I get a treatment.