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Presentation of our JKD friends over the world

JKD Sweden Reunion

Time passes, covid came by and as a result , we have not been able to meet for a couple of years.

Coshe took the initiative to invite us for a dinner tonight, we met down town Stockholm for a lovely dinner at Helenes Krog och Bar Restaurant where the food and the atmosphere are amazing. It was such a joy to meet some members of our original team again, Coshe and Michel. We had only good memories to share and we spent the evening remembering some good times together, Coshe also surprised Mikael with a birthday celebration.

As we all agreed, we need to keep in touch and meet more often and plan for a session , not only is it a priviledge to train JKD together but it is a much needed feel good moment. We all appreciate the teachings of Mikael and the time he spent on our training and we all agree that he gave us all the tools and the basis for us to evolve and find our own path.

As I have written many times before, JKD changed my life , not only the art but the team and the people we met through it. We have travelled and met some amazing people within the JKD and Bruce Lee family and friends, this is precious to me and will always be one of the best things that happenned to me. Meeting with Coshe and Michel tonight revived the feeling and made me think about all this again and how important it is to keep it alive.

We are the original JKD training team in Sweden under Ted Wong and this is very important to me. Our members are genuine people , we are not about fame or recognition, we appreciate each other greatly and have always been a solid and serious team, we simply are who we are and we have created our own path.

Although we do not have the structure or possibility to start with new students and regular training right now, we all agreed that this should not stop us from meeting and train together whenever it is possible, because again, this team is amazing !

Thank you all for this great dinner and see you all very soon !

Thank you also Savannah, my step daughter ( Mikael´s daughter ) our beautiful ballerina who knows so well what hard training is and who is such an inspiration for her dedication and talent. She is such a good example of what you can do when you put your mind and body into it and dedicate yourself to succeed.

Joel Ramos, TWJKD Philippines

Today I just want to pay my respects to a member of the Ted Wong JKD family who passed away last week. Joel Ramos was 46 years old and his pasing due to heart failure was a choc for most of us. Joel was more in contact with Mikael than me but we have been friends on facebook for  quite some time .

I am sending my condolences to the family and friends.

He has now joined our Sifu Ted in  heaven , Rest in Peace 😦


Norway 2013

Mikael is back and very happy about the seminar in Norway, he had a great time with a good group of people and kids!

 Mikael is also very glad to have been part of the kid´s Wado Graduation and fencing drills with them 🙂

Even if I was not there, thank you Håkon and Oyvind for your hospitality and for the seminar arrangements.

Norway Seminar

Mikael is going to Norway on May 25th and 26th for his second seminar with our friends from Kviteseid Jeet Kune Do(Norway´s official Ted Wong training group).

Will post infos and pictures as soon as available.

JKD NORWAY – Håkon Didriksen

This is a new category, I wanted to have statements and information about our JKD friends in a separate place.

This is the first testimony, Håkon thought it would be better to make an interview,  here it goes :

– Who is Håkon Didriksen?

Håkon is a 38-year-old man who is a training junkie and musician in the band Susperia, I am married and have 3 children all are going to school .I am an energetic and restless person who needs new impulses almost all the time in order to not be bored Therefore is the training a good way to get my energy out.

 – When did you start with Martial arts?

I started Martial Arts when I was about 18-19 years and Shitoryu Sports Karate, Wing Chun, Krav Maga, kickboxing, Juijitsu Ninjutsu, and then eventually JKD, before this,  I did street fighting, both voluntary and involuntary… I was probably a troubled kid and ended up in a lot of fights as a young man, I learnt fighting the hard way by being beaten by people in the street.

– Why JKD?

JKD is like a self-defense style with no compromise which is so intricate it does not get boring + that it is simple enough that it actually works at a street level.. This is simply why I chose it.

– What is your inspiration and motivation ?

Min inspiration comes mostly from music, I use music as a way to escape from everyday life, I often write music when I’m in a base spirit, (the lone wolf mood) I’m enjoying my own company and is therefore I am considered by some people to be a bit of a lone wolf, but to go for a walk alone in the woods gives me lots of inspiration…

– You are also in a hard rock band, tell us about Susperia

Susperia has been part of my life since 1999 and still is.  Susperia is a band playing aggressive music. Susperia was once black metal, but now we are more melodic trash metal,  we are the same five guys in the band as we were when we started in 99, we have experienced everything from bone fractures to heart attack and addiction, but we are still alive and kicking . Standing on stage gives me the same kick as a good free sparring, I’m probably a person who also needs a kick so music and live performance fits my personality perfectly.

– Family, work, JKD and Music , how do you combine all this ?

It can be difficult to combine everything together, but I have a great patient lady who gives me a lot of room for my “needs” and that’s a good thing for me. As I said I am a terribly restless person, so it is not wise to hold me back… 🙂


Thank you Håkon 🙂

For more information about Susperia please visit their website:

For More information about Håkon´s JKD Group: Kviteseid Jeet Kune Do , Official Ted Wong Training Group!/pages/Kviteseid-Jeet-Kune-Doofficial-Ted-Wong-training-group/270214259698392

Mikael´s first Seminar: Training and friendship !

As I said before this was a date to remember and a great opportunity as well. Mikael was very pleased , Håkon´s group is composed of very dedicated guys , he says it was very nice to be there and meet them all, he had a great time and looks forward to next time.

The  title ” training and friendship” is important to us, this is our moto for our seminars, but it is not just a title it has a purpose and this was brought to a whole new level this weekend. I see it from the outside and it is no question that there is a true friendship between Håkon and Mikael just because it is simple and direct between them.

I asked Håkon what he thought about the seminar and here is was he wrote:

“The seminar was incredibly inspiring and fun, we learned a lot in a short time and all the guys said it was an incredibly good seminar, we are already looking forward to next time.
We learned many details, for example structure, kicking, hitting, straight lead, sparring, we went through the ground fighting, defense, attack to defense, Hit On Retreat, combinations, different focus pad drills, timing,  distance and much more
I tried to take Mikael down and it’s not so easy but you and those who have trained with him for so long know about that.


I laughed, and my children laughed too, it’s no wonder when you see how I’m being tossed around like a doll…. damn I had no chance!


And if you ask Mikael: do you know sidekick? See what he answers.. it is a funny joke now!
His sidekick was sick! It was so hard I flew off the ground and backwards and landed on my car, it is the truth, it is such a shame we did not filmed it! “

 So as I wrote on FB,  next time there will be a french girl in the picture!

Norway 26-27 MAY

Mikael is back from Norway and I have only heard good things about this seminar.

It is really good to know everything went well and I am looking forward to hear more.

 I will revert once I get more details.

On the way… to Norway

I drove Mikael to the airport this morning at 5.30, the flight went well he landed at 8 in Norway, he could not get on any train at the arrival but he found a buss and it will be another 3 hours to Håkon.

I feel very sad I could not go, I would have loved to see Mikael do his first Seminar. The thing is you can´t do it all, sometimes you have to choose and I chose to save money to go to San Fran in september.

I get messages from the buss, it is apparently very nice over there…

Norway Seminar May 26-27th, 2012

This will be a date to remember, this is Michael’s first Seminar, it will happen in Norway, our friend Håkon has arranged and organized the event.

I am very happy about this, I am sure the seminar will be a success, later on this year we will organize a Swedish Seminar.

I will revert with pictures and comments and I am sure Håkon will post on FB afterwards

Good luck Mikael !

Meeting Warren Graham

As I said before, Mikael was on a trip to Charlotte  NC , USA and took the opportunity to meet with Warren Graham who is a certified Ted Wong JKD instructor.

I asked Warren if he would like to write something and here is what he sent me.

“It was good to me another martial artist that was on much the same wave lenth as me. I have always thought that the straight lead, for instance, is made truly for “intercepting”. It is very hard to hit someone with it who is on guard and waiting for you. But as he makes just that slight movement forward and thinking offense, forgetting defensive posture for a split secongs, that’s when you nail him with the lead. His forward motion acentuates your strike and you can knock him out cold.

We also discussed the endless politics in JKD and how silly most of it is as it usually boils down to money and ego. Let’s just all get together, gear up and sweat! Today in our work out, to what new levels can we rise? That is my priority.”

As I understood, Mikael was very pleased to meet Warren and had a great time talking and sharing opinions and experiences.