Meeting Warren Graham

As I said before, Mikael was on a trip to Charlotte  NC , USA and took the opportunity to meet with Warren Graham who is a certified Ted Wong JKD instructor.

I asked Warren if he would like to write something and here is what he sent me.

“It was good to me another martial artist that was on much the same wave lenth as me. I have always thought that the straight lead, for instance, is made truly for “intercepting”. It is very hard to hit someone with it who is on guard and waiting for you. But as he makes just that slight movement forward and thinking offense, forgetting defensive posture for a split secongs, that’s when you nail him with the lead. His forward motion acentuates your strike and you can knock him out cold.

We also discussed the endless politics in JKD and how silly most of it is as it usually boils down to money and ego. Let’s just all get together, gear up and sweat! Today in our work out, to what new levels can we rise? That is my priority.”

As I understood, Mikael was very pleased to meet Warren and had a great time talking and sharing opinions and experiences.

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