Month: July 2013


I was a baby when Bruce Lee passed away but in my early years I started to hear about him, my whole family was talking about him, his films where on TV very often and still are,  Bruce has been a legend in France in more than 40 years and still is.

when I was young I was not into sports at all unfortunately, but one of my cousins was and he had the dream of doing just what Bruce did in his movies. I myself had a whole wall of my bedroom covered with Bruce pictures posters and newspaper articles.

At the time it did not matter if I was into sports or not,  I grew up with some kind of Bruce presence until I went deeper and started JKD in Sweden, after this the journey went even further and I met Bruce Lee´s closest friends and family in San francisco in 2010.

so 40 years have passed , but the  impact is unbelievable and  is still going on in the whole world.  On a more personal level this number of years comes with other consequences and  I can easily be very sad about that  but I raise from it when I think about what I have been able to accomplish and no matter what some people may think,  I believe that my passion for Bruce Lee is what brought me here today.

My deepest respects to Bruce Lee since  the 70´s until  today and still going on…



Jim Kelly was a  martial artist who made a name of himself by winning four karate tournaments in 1971, two years later he was picked to star in the martial arts classic , Enter the Dragon with Bruce Lee.

Jim Kelly died on June 29th  at his home in San Diego, he had been suffering from cancer, he was 67.

Even if it is life, It is so sad to see them all go one after the other, even if I am younger it feels like my generation is gone, what I grew up with and what is still so very much in my life right now.

Rest In Peace Jim , along with the rest of the team …

New Generation…

My godson Louis visited me for a week, he had asked to try train with me so I did a quick  session at the beginning of the week; I went through the basic footwork and 3 punches, I did not go deep into the techniques for him to get a simple first basic overview.

I found him very interested and dedicated right at the beginning, 12 years old and no JKD knowledge whatsoever, he did better than some of the beginners I have seen during the years. I was very proud of him and the JKD question came back several times during his stay. He participated to a session with the group, he worked on drills with both Mikael and I and after we were done he asked when he could do that again 😆

When I asked him what was the best thing he had done during the week , his first answer was JKD.

I also showed him some of  Bruce, Mikael, Ted and Stefan´s videos on you tube, with his eyes wide open he asked me several times: “is that for real ?” 🙂

As a birthday present Mikael gave him his first mitts and gloves and I showed him what he needed to work on at home.  As he lives in France he is a long distance student but I am sure he will do well, we´ll see the progress when we are in France next time!