Month: March 2014

Brandon Lee

Mars 31st, 1993.
I remember when I heard the news, I was at my parents place in my hometown in France. Brandon Lee had passed in an accident on a movie set. This was so sad and unbelievable, Brandon had already joined his father in heaven.
Anyone can speculate on what happened, I prefer thinking he was called up there on a bigger mission.
I remember his accomplishments and his great performance on THE CROW, one great movie!

Rest in peace Brandon.


How interesting , as soon as I start to write about how better I am,  I get worse! I can barely move these days.

I am supposed to write about my training and instead it is all about this injury and quite frankly this one starts to get on my nerves real bad!

So I am waiting for an Xray and will see what happens from here.

Anyway,  I am looking for a smaller punching bag right now. I had a really heavy one and it was very hard I could not move it when I needed to because it was bigger and heavier than me :-), it has now moved to our club, where it is no problem for the guys to handle. Mikael has arranged the club with training stations, it is good to be able to have this possibility as well and is easily put away for JKD class.

We are nevertheless waiting for the winter to go away so we can start our outdoor training. I can at least run and do other stuff as long as I don´t lift or push or punch. So honestly and seeing the positive aspect in all this , there is no reason why I should not train footwork like a beast right now 🙂 🙂 🙂