Month: May 2016

Other fighting methods

This is a martial art blog alright but I want to talk about another type of fighter, someone who fought till the end, I mean the fighting spirit,  the force of the mind , I mean my mother.

I just lost her, she fought till the end with her mind as her body just let her down. She had numerous illnesses,  cancer, MS, extreme asthma and some other stuff. She fought so well for one year that people who did not know would have never guessed she was sick and apart from the obvious MS symptoms, she showed nothing else,  this is why her passing was a big surprise for most people. Apart from the closest family she did not want anyone to know she was sick, she did not want anybody feel sorry for her.

I want to talk about the incredible state of mind she had towards the illnesses, most people would have given up including me and If I call myself a fighter, well I am far from being as strong as her.  I am convinced her mind  controlled her body and even if she lost the fight at the end, she gave the cancer a serious kick in the B! They gave her 6 months and she got one year, I am sure this has to do with her state of mind, she never let the illnesses take her down and change her spirit and love for life .

I am weak right now because I lost her, because I did not get enough time with her and because I feel guilty to live in another country far from my family and because I  am not there for them. Right now I am down, I am not afraid to say it and it would be so easy to tell myself it is no use to fight because at the end you lose anyways, but if my mother had let herself down she would have lived 6 months and not 12, I am sure of that.

The new goal of my life is to become as  strong as her for the day I have to face a terminal illness or some other nasty stuff.

If you ask me  who is my hero, I would say my mom.