Month: June 2010


During the week end I felt very stressed and the best way of getting rid of it is through training. Yesterday evening although it was late I thought I could not go to bed in that state of mind, I put on my running shoes and when out for a run.

Due to some private factors I have a very stressed time in my life right now, I try to focus on my training and not let this negativity invade my head again, this is quite difficult but I try.

Comments on my blog

HI ! and welcome to everyone who is reading my blog.

I have received a couple of comments from my trainer but no one else seems to have anything to say 😦

 if you would like to write any comment you are welcome, ( I will have to approve it first so if some funny people think they can write anything it won´t work ) .

 But if any of my TWJKD friends want to participate I will appreciate…

Sunny Sunday

Micke had other plans this sunday so I trained by myself, footwork and biking to the gym …

this is such a beautiful warm sunny day,  this was nice to be able to ride the bike, at the gym I only focused on the legs today…

Hard but necessary …

I hope some of our training partners will remember our names soon …

Words from Mikael

Growing up with sports like football, ice hockey, track and field, I felt like it was not for me, I needed something else. Growing up in a messy neighbourhood I finally found the martial art Judo, I was home! Man I loved it, the hard training, the battle, the spirit, this was it! I was just a young kid, but this experience changed the way I looked at sports. Years passed and I left Judo. In the following years I practiced boxing, pole jumping and strength training. My next experience with martial arts was Kung Fu in the form of Shaolin Kung Fu. This became a passion for many years, I really put my soul into it, trained as often I could in the club, and all the time at home. In the end of my Kung Fu training I felt that I wanted some more realistic training, more for self defense. I went to a Wing Chun and a Wing Tsun school and tested it for some time, nothing for me, just too stiff and unnatural for me.  

Bruce Lee has always been an inspiration in my life, not only the martial artist but also the man Bruce Lee. I started to look into Jeet Kune Do more closely, and found out that this was what I had been looking for, simple, direct and natural. The JKD form was like second nature for me, I had always fought and sparred with my right (strong) side just like in JKD. JKD is all I need in my martial art.

Turning 40 soon and still going strong in JKD, one of the reasons for this is a great man, a great inspiration, and this man is Ted Wong. Ted Wong is Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee left us a long time ago, and the art of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do lives through Ted Wong, and of course all of us that keep the legacy alive. I like to say that I practice Jeet Kune Do in the heritage of Bruce Lee and Ted Wong.

Thank you Micke for your participation in my blog.

San Francisco !!!

I wrote in some other posts how I feel JKD changed my life in many ways, but not only, Thanks to JKD  a lot of things happenned  and it is going on !

I always dreamed of being able to go to the United States, that´s  a fact but participating in an event celebrating Bruce is something I thought I would never be able to do.

Now I read on the foundation site that there will be a 70th birthday celebration in San Francisco on Nov 27th.

I can tell you I ´ll do everything I can  to be there.

This as a  chance to meet some great people from the JKD family and from anywhere else. A great opportunity that I don´t want to miss.

Micke went to Los Angeles in 1998 and even trained at Ted´s place , talking about a dream ..


I am not writing everyday of course but I train everyday .

yesterday´s training was good but I am more and more aware of what´s missing.

I start with footwork and go over to the heavy bag,

 Starting with straight lead, then cross and then hook and then combinations.

I feel I have power ( not enough if you ask Micke , but I feel I gain some everyday )

I go on with all kicks and then work the bag with all combinations I can think of, adding knees and elbows and TRY TO GET SOME FLOW!!!!

After that I went back to footwork

The key is to practise until it feels right , until it comes naturally 

I will get there for sure, am I going on practising seriously everyday.

I spent quite some time on this yesterday and I chose to skip some other things

How hard are you ready to work ?

The question of the day: How far are you prepared to go to meet your goals ?

Well I already answered that question, I need a kick in the A.. to get up to next level, and I am giving it to myself .

I already train every day but I have changed program to focus on the basics which are not good enough for me to evolve properly.

Yesterdays training:


Shadow boxing

Skiping rope-  6minutes

Squats-  1set of 30 on each side x4

Situps- 2 sets 50 each

Wristroller 3 times down and 3 times upp , this burns ! I could actually see the forearms growing,  great !!!

Stretching ..

It feels good, I push myself harder because otherwise I will stay where I am.

Having no limitation as limitation.. I always keep that in mind Bruce.

Quality not quantity – Footwork !

After my footwork and shadowboxing session yesterday, I went on the net and read some articles from Bruce, Ted and Teri. Bruce said in one of them, it is better to throw 5 good punches than 20 LOUSY ones. 

To Focus on the technique but not think too much is no easy task, at least not for me, even if after 6 years I found it easier not to think too much and practise until I feel it right. Practise is the key there is no other way , it does not come naturally !

The good thing is that I know where my problems are , and  the flow must be the biggest. Everything is related to footwork that is why I am working on it more .

I feel, like Micke says  that  I  reached another level but still, there is something holding me back , I feel I lack something really important which is the key to all my problems.

I already know what it is but I even got a better light on it reading Ted´s article on footwork. And I can tell now that even if I have trained seriously during 5 years, this is far from being enough. More time on footwork is what I am doing now.

Because there is nothing more important to me than being good at JKD.

Sweden 05- Ted talks about footwork

Private Lessons

Our friend Remy is gone travelling in the USA, our friend Michel  is … well  I don´t know … the Sunday group training is reduced to me.

We really miss our guys but at least Remy will be back in a month or so, during this time, I will get only private and intense sessions,  which is good.

Yesterday we worked hard on the punches and Kicks

. Punches on focus mitts

– Straight lead, I cant remember any comment on this one, must have been good 🙂

if anything I lack power ,that I am sure of…

– Hook, the movement is not deep enough I am retracting the arm too soon..

. Kicks

– hook kick,

– side kick,

 – front kick,

. Moving on to the kicking pad

– side kick

– hook kick

– spinning back kick

We are testing the time of reaction when Micke says which kick or punch I should do.

Working with the brain… and adapt to the distance and situation when hearing the words..

Same drill with the heavy bag, Micke moves it back and forth and says “Kick”  whenever he wants, this means the bag kan be anywhere at that time, the speed in the reaction and the distance adaptation are crutial.

. Kick combinations on heavy bag:

– Hook kick : low , regular and high  1-2-3 fast

changing the position immediately to the left side, same drill- 10 times

I need more speed !!!!

. Punch combinations :

Uppercut , hook, and high straight lead- 10 times fast both sides

. last exercise :

Combination Hook – Cross on focus mitts

Punch until you drop !

Speed Power and Stability , let´s start with that, then add calculation of the distance, FOOTWORK!!!!! isn´t that the essence of JKD ? 

Micke´s Art

While we are waiting for the man to write something I thought I would share a little part of his art, Micke is very creative, he used to write, draw and paint. Here are the Bruce Lee paintings that he made.




this last one is hanging in my training room, I am so jealous about the ones that are actually in Stefan´s possession..  and he told me he has some more at home. But I can say I have a big  one that no one has ever seen just because it is not finished, the outline is done and some shadow and coulour need to be added,  it is the full size Bruce Lee  figure and it is GREAT … I  will actually finish it someday.