Quality not quantity – Footwork !

After my footwork and shadowboxing session yesterday, I went on the net and read some articles from Bruce, Ted and Teri. Bruce said in one of them, it is better to throw 5 good punches than 20 LOUSY ones. 

To Focus on the technique but not think too much is no easy task, at least not for me, even if after 6 years I found it easier not to think too much and practise until I feel it right. Practise is the key there is no other way , it does not come naturally !

The good thing is that I know where my problems are , and  the flow must be the biggest. Everything is related to footwork that is why I am working on it more .

I feel, like Micke says  that  I  reached another level but still, there is something holding me back , I feel I lack something really important which is the key to all my problems.

I already know what it is but I even got a better light on it reading Ted´s article on footwork. And I can tell now that even if I have trained seriously during 5 years, this is far from being enough. More time on footwork is what I am doing now.

Because there is nothing more important to me than being good at JKD.

Sweden 05- Ted talks about footwork

One thought on “Quality not quantity – Footwork !

  1. I told you all these years, footwork footwork footwork. It´s no secret, it´s just footwork. Practice EVERY day the first 10 years. Thats it. Simple and direct ;). Be strong, do not give up, just do it.


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