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I remember the first time I met Ted Wong was in 2004 during a seminar that Stefan Nikander arranged in Nynäshamn, Sweden.

2 days of the hardest training I had done so far in my life, after the first day I thought I would not be able to get out of the bed !

I remember being very impressed and blown away by the fact that I was meeting him and by the man that he was.

He was incredibly kind , strong and in control of himself, I was telling myself all the time, “I can´t believe I am here ! “

Not only was that day a turning point in my life,  it was one of the best days ever. I felt very honoured and blessed .

Sifu Ted Wong, Gina

                                                                                     With Ted Wong Nynäshamn 2004

I have written before about that day so I won´t do it again, but that is when I met Mikael for the first time. After that I became Mikael´s private student and  we created JKD SWEDEN

A lot of things happenned after that, more seminars, meeting Allen Joe, (<3 )  and later we started  traveling to San francisco.

We´ve met amazing people during seminars and our travels, Jeff and Julie Chinn took us everywhere in SF, Allen and Annie welcomed us in their home, I had the incredible honour of meeting Linda Lee Cadwell at Bruce Lee´s 70th birthday on SF in 2010

And so on…


                                                                             With Linda Lee Cadwell, San francisco 2010

These are some of the incredible things that happenned to me following the day I met Ted Wong,  and on top of it JKD changed me as a person to a better one.

I wish I could have told Ted about the impact he had but I assume he knew,  because I am far from being the only one he did that to !

Ted left us in 2010,  when we arrived in SF for Bruce´s 70th Birthday party we could not find Ted and we talked to Allen who told us he was in the hospital .

Stefan joined him in 2011, then Allen in 2018 and Annie in 2019 .


                                                                                   Seminar in Nynäshamn 2009

Heaven took them all but I am sure they are reunited with Bruce now

May they all rest in peace .

TWJKD-LOGO    bruce_y_ted   305712_263842323652720_140694471_n

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November 24th, 2010

We were in San Francisco for the first time but we almost did not make it, here is the story:

On Nov 22nd, 2010 We caught our first flight from Stockholm,  they were not sure about my French passport and they called someone who told them it was Ok but at the arrival in Switzerland after passing all controls, we were in the line to board the plane, one woman from Swiss Air I think,  came to me and took my passport from my hand and went away with it, then she looked at me with her colleagues and laughed ,  she came back to me and told me ” you´re not flying” turned to Mikael and said” you are flying , she is not ” this extremely rude  woman thought it was very funny  and apparently enjoyed her power very much,  my French passport  was still valid but of an older model which was not accepted for the US anymore, they should have stopped me in Stockholm .

They sent us back to Stockholm same day. I went to work the day after having just given up on that trip. Oh well it was just a first time in the US, in San Francisco where Bruce Lee was born, it was just to meet Ted Wong, Allen Joe, Linda Lee, and some of the actors who played in Bruce´s movies and a number of international JKD practitioner…. well it was just a dream trip that I was losing just like that.

But the day after at work everyone was so shocked that I was there, they told me I could not possibly pass on this trip, they would even help me if I needed but I just had to go. It was so nice of them and I was so sad and disappointed, I talked to Mikael and we decided to try to catch first flight, the hotel was still available so we did, we flew again on Nov 24th .

I pass on all the details from the room that had disappeared when we arrived, the luggage that did not make it back, my card for Bruce Lee 70th birthday that was not displayed with the others and so on … Minor details !

Here is what´s important,  it was such a joy to meet Allen again, “my favorite French girl” he called me :-),   Bruce Lee´s  birthday  celebration was very nice, we even got a tour in SF with Jeff Chinn,  meeting Linda was a big thing for me, so big I could not talk ! I felt so stupid afterwards because I might never meet her again  but the whole experience was priceless, we were so happy. During dinner we asked for Ted, Allen told us he was not well and that he would get back to us as soon as he had some news.

This is not before we were back to Sweden that we got the news. Ted had passed this day we finally made it on the second flight. It was sudden and unexpected for us who did not know about his condition, we have missed him since then.

I had not met him a lot, first time was in 2005 same day I met Mikael for the first time, that day changed my whole life.


Rest in Peace Sifu Ted, until we meet again.

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Jun Fan Jeet Kune DO training information

My blog is about my training and my personal life experience linked to Jeet Kune Do,  I am not an instructor and I am not responsible for the Jeet Kune do training in Sweden.

I have received questions on MSN that I just discovered, some of them are one year old, unfortunately I did not see them and I could not send them to the instructor.

For quicker answer please contact the instructor directly :


thank you 🙂

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We are under TED WONG

As it says on the first page of my blog and as anyone who knows anything about Bruce Lee would know, Ted Wong was one of the 2 most qualified people directly certified by Bruce Lee in the highest rank of Jeet Kune Do.Dan Inosanto is the other one and has followed his own path ( JKD concepts ) while Ted has chosen to keep close to Bruce´s teachings even though he has developped the techniques.

I want to make very clear that we have met Ted in several occasions (Mikael more than me of course) and we have received the authorization by him personnaly tro train and teach JKD in Sweden. After Stefan Nikander passed ( who was certified by Ted )  there is no one in Sweden who is authorized to teach JKD in Sweden under the name of Ted Wong,  let´s be clear about that.

Another point is that we are not training under anyone , our direct Sifu was Ted Wong and even after his passing we are still considering ourselves training under Ted and nobody else.

We share an outmost respect for our Sifu and even if he is not with us anymore physically,  he is all around .

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Today is one year ago since Stefan Nikander passed. Still in our thoughts and certainly not forgotten.

Our thoughts go his children especially to his son  Nicholas who also turned eighteen today

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At the church yesterday during a beautiful funeral service, the priest said:

“The more impact people who pass away have had on us, the more grief we show”

Considering the high level of emotions showed in the church yesterday, it is pretty clear that Stefan made a huge impact on people.

We were almost all present from his other family, the JKD family. We are so thankful that we were allowed to share this moment.

Our friends Håkon and Oyvind from Norway made a beautiful performance at the church, everyone was very touched by the ceremony.

We gathered afterwards and were able to talk to different people, it was peaceful and filled with great memories.

Stefan received an incredible amount of telegrams that were displayed. Messages from Spain and Poland were read.

Stefan´s mother asked Micke about our JKD training, she wanted to make sure he would go on. There is no question in his mind, JKD is a part of Mikael, quitting is just not an option.

After the gathering, The JKD brothers went to take a picture at Stefan´s favorite place, The JKD Rock. Unfortunately my camera fell on the ground and broke, but that did not stop us, we took pictures with a cell phone and as it was dark, we used the lights of one of our cars.

We went back to the hotel and discussed about various JKD topics, friendship, memories,  future plans, seminars in Sweden Norway and Poland were also discussed.

October 27th, 2011, a day full of emotions,

Rest in Peace Stefan Nikander,

Until we  meet again.

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Tomorow, october 27th, 2011 at 13.00 in Nynäshamn, Sweden.

JKD stockholm, together with our friends from Norway and Nynäshamn, will pay our respects and say our last goodbyes to our friend Stefan Nikander.

We bring messages and thoughts from the Wong Family and the Joe Family and from JKD friends from  the USA, Canada, Polen, England and Spain.

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