Mikael was contacted by Simon Kölle who wanted to write an article about Stefan. Micke also talked to Krina who sent him a text to add to the article, here is a short english version.

Stefan Nikander,
A great martial artist with a big heart
(by Simon Kölle –

When I decided to write about Stefan Nikander´s sudden passing in October, I received a lot of emails and phone calls. Everybody wanted to share their feelings about him and it was clear to me that he had impacted a lot of people. One of Stefan´s friends and JKD instructor Mikael Egidéus was willing to give me informations even during these difficult times; I thank Mikael for his disponibility.

Mikael says:
“Men with great passion are not that common nowadays, Stefan was a man with great passion for training, especially JKD, he was a really appreciated Karate instructor for children as well, he had groups in Bredäng and Nynäshamn.”

Stefan was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003,  got treatment and lost his physical condition but when he got better,  he trained himself back into a  high level shape. His recovery fascinated a lot of people and me not the least. I flirted a bit with JKD in the 90´s and this is when I heard about Stefan and his schools in bredäng and Nynäshamn.

Mikael continues about Stefan:
“ I never met someone who really lives for something, the first time I met him was in the 90´s, I thought I would never get home that day after the training session, he could talk hours about every single detail of the training. The library in his basement is full of all kinds of martial arts books, a couple thousands at least and none of them is not read, they are more “over read”, torn and full of notes, there was nothing Stefan did not know about martial arts. Stefan also made his own training equipment just like Bruce Lee did. The physical training was as important as the books, being a martial artist and not in shape was not an option, the weight lifting was extreme, I remember our Power factor and Static Contraction Training sessions followed by three hours sparring, it felt in any fiber of the body the day after !
This is how I will remember Stefan, training with passion, creativity and laughter, broken ribs, swollen hands, bloody noses, sweaty training rooms, talks about JKD at his place, training at Ted ´s place in L.A, hours long phone calls about training, all this was Stefan…
I will always have in my mind the time when on stage, during an exhibition in Uppsala in 2003, his balance was not right, something was wrong and it was the first meeting with the tumor which became Stefan biggest fight.
RIP Stefan, my old friend… “

One Of Bruce Lee´s students Ted Wong perpetuated Bruce´s legacy to the best until he passed away also quite recently. JKD Sweden evolved a lot thanks to Ted Wong and Stefan. Ted Wong was one of only two people who obtained the highest rank in JKD; Ted was Bruce Lee´s private training partner. A lot of the modifications that Bruce discovered for his martial art were made possible thanks to his close relation with Ted Wong.

Here is what the Ted Wong Family says about Stefan´s passing:
“Stefan had a high moral standard in life and in martial art Jeet Kune Do. He’s honest, humble, and charismatic.
Stefan had studied under Ted Wong for a long time. He’s been certified by Ted Wong in teaching Jeet Kune Do in Sweden. He was one of the few Ted Wong students who takes royalty and commitment in Jeet kune Do very seriously. Ted invited Stefan be one of his student instructors to the Florida Summit in unveiling the TED WONG JEET KUNE DO ceremony.

Most of all, Stefan was a loving family man. We will miss him dearly. May he rest in Peace.

From the TWJKD Family”

Stefan organized a JKD seminar with Ted Wong on May 25th, 1996 in Bredäng, this is an historical date because it was the first time Ted visited Scandinavia, Stefan continued organizing seminars with Ted Wong in Sweden and the last one was in 2009 in Nynäshamn. His great passion also took him all the way to the USA to train and participate in seminars with Ted Wong and other Bruce Lee students.
Stefan even taught during seminars that he organized in Sweden and other countries for many years.
The JKD that Stefan trained was according to Ted Wong´s teachings, what is called today TWJKD. Stefan was also a certified instructor under Ted Wong in Scandinavia.
Jeet Kune Do Stockholm is the Swedish school who trains and teaches JKD as taught by Ted Wong today; it is run by instructor Mikael Egidéus and Gina  ( Mikael´s private student since 2005).

I could write a lot about Stefan. He was loved from a lot of people and inspired even more. Stefan will be buried on Thursday. He will be missed from his family, students and even from people who never even met him.

For more information about JKD and training in Stockholm, contact Mikael Egidéus:

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  1. Once again, the TWJKD Arkansas Group and Team Ronin MMA send our condolences to Stafan’s family, friends and students. Stefan was very passionate about JKD and the correct teaching of Ted & Bruce’s art. An instrumental part of the European TWJKD scene, he will be truly missed.


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