Losing IT

I talked earlier about the positive effects on my life which came from training JKD. Since before the summer, my training has been affected, first the injury, then the holidays, then several sicknesses, all this combined with a lot of anger. I feel totally unbalansed right now, to the point that I get myself into unnecessary situations like conflicts with different people, at work,  at home with neighbours … It seems a lot of people have problems they need to take out on me these days and  I can´t stand being attacked in any way,  never have but I react stronger than I should.

That kind of negativity just brings more negativity,  It feels like everything is just falling appart right now and I need to get a grip on this  real quick.

It happenned too many things this summer in my opinion,  now the winter is coming, the famous dark swedish winter, I need to get out of the darkness before the darkness  hits me ! ( footwork ! 🙂 )

Micke and I talked about the situation today, he has no agression but he is also very tired. We hope it will get better or easier after Stefan´s burial and that somehow we can go back to our normal training routines and find the lost energy again.

Training is my link to a more balanced attitude and life, and the positive aspect here is that I feel something is wrong and I am going to do something about it.