Month: January 2011


I started with jumping rope then  footwork and shadow boxing.

Then I decided to hit the bag , trying to get some flow.

I worked on the straight lead for a while, then cross hook and elbow, trying first to get the technique right and then add some movement around the bag with proper footwork and added bob and weave .

I tried to focus on the depth of the punches, retract fast but still go in with the punches.

Then I added the kicks , I was quite happy with all of them, on the right side, GOD that is so annoying not to perform the same way on the left side !  so I worked the kicks on the left side for a while.

I added some stretch and went on with high kicks on the punching ball, still the same problem and I am really annoyed !

That means only one thing, this need some more work !

I finished with a  serie of punches on the punching ball , with speed, moving around, blocking,  bob and weave .

Then I finished with stretching.

Ted´s Memorial day

We were all present today for the training session. I want to thank all my training partners for their dedication,  we had a very good time today.

We started with a short film that I came up with to honour our Sifu. This short film will come up on Facebook when it will be finalised with some music and other arrangements. Nicklas is the man for the job, we will post as soon as ready.

We also took pictures that will come up tonight on the Group page.

After this we all sparred, starting with light sparring. All 6 of us did rounds and changed partners until everyone had met everyone.

I started with Micke and finished with Coshe. I was trying to keep a good form and adapt to every opponent in a different way because no one is fighting the same way. Against Micke is always the hardest of course , but also the most enlightning, because I learn so much. But sparring with the guys is also very good because as I just said they all have their differencies, some hit harder than others, some are faster and some are “flashier”….( Coshe, I will esplain this is a minut ) the good thing is that anytime I sparr I learn something about myself, we learn from each other all the time .

So Coshe  started with some strange footwork, I kept on thinking ” in which movie has he seen this one now ?” then I asked, where does “that” come from anyway ? he said ” Muhammed Ali” ah yes of course, Coske ! Anyway I reached him with several straight leads and he could not take me down one single time AHH,  happy about this!  🙂  but the thing I noticed again today , I am too slow, I need to do something about that quickly because it bothers me a lot .

Then Micke thought we would go a little tougher and with the proper gear on,  do some harder sparring. First with one person doing non classical form and just punching hard while the other one should only respond with straight lead.

Then really hard sparring :  hit and finish the opponent!

That was tough and there will be some good videos on this one I guess.

I got hit in the side of the eye so I did not go with this last part.  Nicklas was injured in the rib, Coshe threw up, Michel injured his hand and Remy was scratched everywhere. Yeah well, even with the proper gear this happens and we take it, why ? because this is martial arts, this is Jeet kune Do, the art of fighting not the art of talking :-)……..

and because today we fought for our sifu, so he ´ll be proud of us, this is our way to honour him as we could not be part of the memorial.

I want to thank everyone in the group for participating today and again thanks to Micke for giving us that opportunity, for teaching us the real TWJKD,  that is all we need and we could not ask for a better trainer.


January 16th 2011, Ted Wong´s Memorial

This sunday will be a sad day and  we could not make it there.

I am thinking about what we can do from here to honour our Sifu´s memory even if we cannot be present in L.A

I requested all members of the Group to be present for training this sunday.

We will have our own memorial right here in stockholm, I will come up with some ideas and discuss them with Micke.


Micke is taking time out of his personal life to teach, he does not take any money from anyone and always comes up with a great training session of the highest quality. We all have a great time and we all should be greatful to have a certified JFJKD Instructor teaching for free, this is an opportunity that not many have and I request for some respect in the way of showing up to the training sessions.

keep it up

yesterday I worked mostly on footwork and kicks

I jumped rope for about 10 minutes, then some exercises,  steps,  jumps and finished with regular footwork

I still feel like an elefant  but doing that everyday I will loose that feeling I hope.

Then I put the punching ball in place,  a bit higher than usual to work on my high kicks , on both sides.

The position of my hands is having a life of its own, so I took that rubber tube thing and put it around my back holding the handles in the right on guard position, this is so tight my arms can´t go anywhere and this is actually a good thing to focus on yet another detail: keep the line straight during kicking!

I did this for a while and went back to it without the ruber thing, well no,  the arms are still living their own life so I put the thing back ( will have to check the name of that “thing” in the dictionnary ! )

and  I did the Bruce rope stretching again.. I wanted to tough it up a little bit by adjusting the rope higher up and I had to get on a chair first to be able to put my foot in the handle.. tricky ! but I have to do with what I have and the result is the only thing that matters actually.

I finished with the same stretching as last time against a wall and pushing myself forward putting one and then two mitts between my back and the wall.. It hurts like hell and I do that one minut or two until I start feeling sick or like I am gonna cry !

Well if this is not working at the end I really don´t know what will.. not getting any younger here, it is about time to get flexible  🙂

I was done but I added situps pushups and a bit of weight lifting to “really” finished the session ..

what´s wrong?

A part of training JKD is to be aware of what your problem is . Of course I don´t have only one… but apart from a real improvement on my footwork I have quite a big one, my movements are always restricted, I thought I needed more stretching for my legs  it appears the problem is also situated somewhere else !

Yesterday I started the session with the heavy bag,  concentrating on the technique on only a few punches and kicks.

I always decompose the movement for at the end put it all together but I was not very happy with that yesterday.

 Anyway,  I remembered I saw a video posted by Amy and wanted to try some of her exercises, I built what I thought would work with a rubber band put my feet in the handles and tried to position myself but the equipment is wrong so I could not manage but it gave me another idea.

I remember Bruce using a rope to hold his leg on the side kick position using the other hand to lift it. Well here comes one answer to the problem, while trying to position myself correctly with a good body alignement and lift the leg, I thought this would kill my legs but no I did not feel a thing, it killed my back and my hip.

I repeated on the other side and found the same answer.

Ok then, this will be another goal for this year, try to get some flexibility in there !

The more I evolve in the style the more I find problems, is that good ? the good thing is to be able to identify and feel when something is not done right, the other thing is to be able to know what is needed to get it better, so in a way yes this is good, and only confirming one thing, after 6 years I see I have so much more to do, I understand why some people cannot handle the style, it is such an amount of personal work and dedication. I work most of the time alone, Micke has given me the tools during the years and is still is teaching me as  we have our sessions but I would not be at that level if I did not work by myself as well, there is no way, a great deal of discipline is required,  it is good I have time on my hands 🙂

I stretched even more on the floor trying to get to the legs as much as to the back and hips.

I finished with some JKD pole and wristroller, talking about killing something, I definetely killed my arms with those two favourites.

I feel sour today but I like the feeling, it means I worked where it is needed, now I just have to prepare for my session of today.

January 1st, 2011

First training of the year outside in the snow:-)

that was fun , and so cold…

we decided to start the year with some tough stuff and showing off our nice Colorado Tshirts, gifts from Mike Gittelson.

We actually did not train that long considering the temperature outside but we did some mitts training with combinations and some hardening on the wooden structure of the cabin.

Then we runned the stairs, this was not planned at first because we simply could not find them ! but Micke started and as I never want to be left aside so I did it too. We both fell a couple of times but  this was actually a good exercise for endurance and resistance to the cold as well as adaptation to the slippery ground.

We tried some kicks as well some of us succeeded,  some of us ( me ! ) did not .

I was saying to Micke just now how annoyed I am with him being able to kick that high and never ever stretches at all !!!!

Again, I feel I have a huge work in front of me and the goals for this year are not different than last year, the way on the other side will be different and the plan is already set , I have a clear picture on what I need to work on .

We will travel to Colorado this year and we hope Mike and Dan will come here to Sweden after that. This means a lot of preparation for both events on top of the usual training towards my goals.