keep it up

yesterday I worked mostly on footwork and kicks

I jumped rope for about 10 minutes, then some exercises,  steps,  jumps and finished with regular footwork

I still feel like an elefant  but doing that everyday I will loose that feeling I hope.

Then I put the punching ball in place,  a bit higher than usual to work on my high kicks , on both sides.

The position of my hands is having a life of its own, so I took that rubber tube thing and put it around my back holding the handles in the right on guard position, this is so tight my arms can´t go anywhere and this is actually a good thing to focus on yet another detail: keep the line straight during kicking!

I did this for a while and went back to it without the ruber thing, well no,  the arms are still living their own life so I put the thing back ( will have to check the name of that “thing” in the dictionnary ! )

and  I did the Bruce rope stretching again.. I wanted to tough it up a little bit by adjusting the rope higher up and I had to get on a chair first to be able to put my foot in the handle.. tricky ! but I have to do with what I have and the result is the only thing that matters actually.

I finished with the same stretching as last time against a wall and pushing myself forward putting one and then two mitts between my back and the wall.. It hurts like hell and I do that one minut or two until I start feeling sick or like I am gonna cry !

Well if this is not working at the end I really don´t know what will.. not getting any younger here, it is about time to get flexible  🙂

I was done but I added situps pushups and a bit of weight lifting to “really” finished the session ..