what´s wrong?

A part of training JKD is to be aware of what your problem is . Of course I don´t have only one… but apart from a real improvement on my footwork I have quite a big one, my movements are always restricted, I thought I needed more stretching for my legs  it appears the problem is also situated somewhere else !

Yesterday I started the session with the heavy bag,  concentrating on the technique on only a few punches and kicks.

I always decompose the movement for at the end put it all together but I was not very happy with that yesterday.

 Anyway,  I remembered I saw a video posted by Amy and wanted to try some of her exercises, I built what I thought would work with a rubber band put my feet in the handles and tried to position myself but the equipment is wrong so I could not manage but it gave me another idea.

I remember Bruce using a rope to hold his leg on the side kick position using the other hand to lift it. Well here comes one answer to the problem, while trying to position myself correctly with a good body alignement and lift the leg, I thought this would kill my legs but no I did not feel a thing, it killed my back and my hip.

I repeated on the other side and found the same answer.

Ok then, this will be another goal for this year, try to get some flexibility in there !

The more I evolve in the style the more I find problems, is that good ? the good thing is to be able to identify and feel when something is not done right, the other thing is to be able to know what is needed to get it better, so in a way yes this is good, and only confirming one thing, after 6 years I see I have so much more to do, I understand why some people cannot handle the style, it is such an amount of personal work and dedication. I work most of the time alone, Micke has given me the tools during the years and is still is teaching me as  we have our sessions but I would not be at that level if I did not work by myself as well, there is no way, a great deal of discipline is required,  it is good I have time on my hands 🙂

I stretched even more on the floor trying to get to the legs as much as to the back and hips.

I finished with some JKD pole and wristroller, talking about killing something, I definetely killed my arms with those two favourites.

I feel sour today but I like the feeling, it means I worked where it is needed, now I just have to prepare for my session of today.