Month: February 2012

Don´t get down !

It was only Will and I this sunday, we worked rounds on the heavy bag and then sparred with each other but with no contact, we had to control the distance and the movements and be very active with the footwork, we also used the hanging bags as obstacles to take into account.

Last week  after the wrestling sessions I injured my arm again, I must have squizzed it real bad when Mikael threw me all over the place :-),  I will not be able to wrestle for a while so I let Will take it all !

It was a really heavy lesson he got there. Mikael showed and explain how to and especially gave him the reasons why you should not go down. When you are down the only thing you should try to do is to get up again. Some guys only want the floor fighting and are so good at it you don´t want to end up there, JKD is about fighting on your feet , not on your back .

The techniques were  repeated in  lots of different situations to prove the point, this session even for me who was just looking, was very rich and interesting.


Yesterday was mostly about interception and speed , we also worked on blocking, with mitts and on the Redman.

I worked with Remy first and we did that footwork fun stuff, we have done this many times before, I really  like this exercise and it is tougher than it sounds ! We face each other trying to step on each other´s feet, the key is to keep a good form and footwork and not to look like  a couple of retards dancing around, we laughed  but  managed pretty good in my opinion.

Another thing I would like to talk about is holding pads or mitts. This is important to know how and not only for the other person. We worked on speed when one person is trying to punch or kick and the pad holder moves the pad away at the last second. Holding the pad correctly and moving it away correctly will avoid certain accidents !

Wrestling time ! Mikael had a lot of energy yesterday, Remy André and I went flying around a couple of times. Even André who is around 100 kgs, was picked up and thrown on the floor. I came last and wondered what´s the point ???  but I don´t think this is pointless, I would say it is the other way around, getting used to difficulty will make me better, even if trying to move Mikael is very hard,  he gives us some opportunities to try some stuff and this is our job to recognize the openings and act.

Pushups situps and stretching after that, it was very quiet in the room during stretching time 🙂


JKD Sweden has a strange habbit, they break things …Now Will killed our dummy with a kick in the heart !  Mikael repaired it  with silver tape so it is not totally dead yet  :-)’

Will requested some footwork drills for yesterday´s session, I really liked it and I think we need more of this.

Then we worked on basics , pad drills and appropriate footwork. The session was intense , we focused on footwork and techniques only .

I was happy to work with Will yesterday, he is very focused, we worked with good tempo. The only drill I had trouble with was when Will had to punch with high tempo and as hard as possible, for that I held two pads and positionned myself against the big bag, but I felt like a slice of bacon in beween and had trouble breathing.  Will hit pretty hard and it was the point. So good work !

As I just said Will and I worked with high tempo and the session was intense,  it felt really good. Adam and André worked together and we laughed at several occasions when Mikael told him to work less with his mouth and more with his body 🙂  Adam was very ” entertaining ” yesterday,  at one point I asked if he had taken any steroids before the session !

We are a great team I really like all these guys, it is really nice to train with all of them. Thank you for this last session and see you next time.


Yesterday´s session was hard for me, I have been sick earlier in the week , but even if it was hard I did it…

After some killer stretching exercises with Remy and Mikael ( who suddenly decided to join our stretching challenge,  not sure I like that ! 🙂 ) , we started with  drills on mitts and light sparring. the tempo was high and I fighted to the end to get this done !

Mikael put the Redman on and we had a harder sparring session.

I want to talk about protection today, it did not take too long for me to be stuck against the wall but I punched and kicked my way out a couple of times but then I lost my focus and bend my body too much so Mikael´s punch ended up in my breast.

Let me tell you, breast protection is as needed as groin protection in sparring, I lost my breath a couple of minutes and could not go on with the fight. This is something to think about because all you need is one good punch in the right place and that´s it. I use to look like a little crazy mosquito when I sparr and it felt like someone just slapped me flat !

Joke aside,  this is not a good feeling, I never wear protection  but I may start.

Now about the stretching challenge , Remy and I had decided to be able to do the splits on July 1st. Now Mikael has joined the party but he is ahead of us…….

We had a great session with  Remy and André yesterday, two really determined guys who work very hard and who have a great spirit and sense of humour. Mikael is always mixing seriousness and jokes , we always have such a great time!