Month: October 2011

Unity !

This Sunday was one of those trainings outside just as we like them. Apart from two people  who missed the session….. We were all there , and also very pleased to see Markus Stawbom from Nynäshamn join the group.

We started with drills on pads:

Straight lead, cross and hook.

Then the kicks, front and hook .

Then feeding.

Light sparring sessions,  with no gear first.

Then some of us added some protection as the light sparring became a bit harder.

We did rounds and changed partners.

Then our friend Michel came up with a brilliant idea to finish us all: let´s run up hill.

All of us went down first and already felt the pain in our legs…then we started running and …well it went  not so well:-) This hill is a killer!

Let´s face it we all need to improve our condition,  but all of us came up anyway so, no it wasn´t so bad !

After two hours , as we were finished,  our new student arrived , he had some trouble with the clock as we changed to winter time this weekend. We welcome Pierre ( Lee Cow Yin Yin)  anyway and look forward to next session (starting 12 on sundays 🙂 )

We also thank Markus for participating and we hope to have more people from Nynäshamn joining . We also decided we would travel down to them on a regular basis.

We also look forward to our new place, which will allow us more group sessions during the week.


At the church yesterday during a beautiful funeral service, the priest said:

“The more impact people who pass away have had on us, the more grief we show”

Considering the high level of emotions showed in the church yesterday, it is pretty clear that Stefan made a huge impact on people.

We were almost all present from his other family, the JKD family. We are so thankful that we were allowed to share this moment.

Our friends Håkon and Oyvind from Norway made a beautiful performance at the church, everyone was very touched by the ceremony.

We gathered afterwards and were able to talk to different people, it was peaceful and filled with great memories.

Stefan received an incredible amount of telegrams that were displayed. Messages from Spain and Poland were read.

Stefan´s mother asked Micke about our JKD training, she wanted to make sure he would go on. There is no question in his mind, JKD is a part of Mikael, quitting is just not an option.

After the gathering, The JKD brothers went to take a picture at Stefan´s favorite place, The JKD Rock. Unfortunately my camera fell on the ground and broke, but that did not stop us, we took pictures with a cell phone and as it was dark, we used the lights of one of our cars.

We went back to the hotel and discussed about various JKD topics, friendship, memories,  future plans, seminars in Sweden Norway and Poland were also discussed.

October 27th, 2011, a day full of emotions,

Rest in Peace Stefan Nikander,

Until we  meet again.


Tomorow, october 27th, 2011 at 13.00 in Nynäshamn, Sweden.

JKD stockholm, together with our friends from Norway and Nynäshamn, will pay our respects and say our last goodbyes to our friend Stefan Nikander.

We bring messages and thoughts from the Wong Family and the Joe Family and from JKD friends from  the USA, Canada, Polen, England and Spain. article

Mikael was contacted by Simon Kölle who wanted to write an article about Stefan. Micke also talked to Krina who sent him a text to add to the article, here is a short english version.

Stefan Nikander,
A great martial artist with a big heart
(by Simon Kölle –

When I decided to write about Stefan Nikander´s sudden passing in October, I received a lot of emails and phone calls. Everybody wanted to share their feelings about him and it was clear to me that he had impacted a lot of people. One of Stefan´s friends and JKD instructor Mikael Egidéus was willing to give me informations even during these difficult times; I thank Mikael for his disponibility.

Mikael says:
“Men with great passion are not that common nowadays, Stefan was a man with great passion for training, especially JKD, he was a really appreciated Karate instructor for children as well, he had groups in Bredäng and Nynäshamn.”

Stefan was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003,  got treatment and lost his physical condition but when he got better,  he trained himself back into a  high level shape. His recovery fascinated a lot of people and me not the least. I flirted a bit with JKD in the 90´s and this is when I heard about Stefan and his schools in bredäng and Nynäshamn.

Mikael continues about Stefan:
“ I never met someone who really lives for something, the first time I met him was in the 90´s, I thought I would never get home that day after the training session, he could talk hours about every single detail of the training. The library in his basement is full of all kinds of martial arts books, a couple thousands at least and none of them is not read, they are more “over read”, torn and full of notes, there was nothing Stefan did not know about martial arts. Stefan also made his own training equipment just like Bruce Lee did. The physical training was as important as the books, being a martial artist and not in shape was not an option, the weight lifting was extreme, I remember our Power factor and Static Contraction Training sessions followed by three hours sparring, it felt in any fiber of the body the day after !
This is how I will remember Stefan, training with passion, creativity and laughter, broken ribs, swollen hands, bloody noses, sweaty training rooms, talks about JKD at his place, training at Ted ´s place in L.A, hours long phone calls about training, all this was Stefan…
I will always have in my mind the time when on stage, during an exhibition in Uppsala in 2003, his balance was not right, something was wrong and it was the first meeting with the tumor which became Stefan biggest fight.
RIP Stefan, my old friend… “

One Of Bruce Lee´s students Ted Wong perpetuated Bruce´s legacy to the best until he passed away also quite recently. JKD Sweden evolved a lot thanks to Ted Wong and Stefan. Ted Wong was one of only two people who obtained the highest rank in JKD; Ted was Bruce Lee´s private training partner. A lot of the modifications that Bruce discovered for his martial art were made possible thanks to his close relation with Ted Wong.

Here is what the Ted Wong Family says about Stefan´s passing:
“Stefan had a high moral standard in life and in martial art Jeet Kune Do. He’s honest, humble, and charismatic.
Stefan had studied under Ted Wong for a long time. He’s been certified by Ted Wong in teaching Jeet Kune Do in Sweden. He was one of the few Ted Wong students who takes royalty and commitment in Jeet kune Do very seriously. Ted invited Stefan be one of his student instructors to the Florida Summit in unveiling the TED WONG JEET KUNE DO ceremony.

Most of all, Stefan was a loving family man. We will miss him dearly. May he rest in Peace.

From the TWJKD Family”

Stefan organized a JKD seminar with Ted Wong on May 25th, 1996 in Bredäng, this is an historical date because it was the first time Ted visited Scandinavia, Stefan continued organizing seminars with Ted Wong in Sweden and the last one was in 2009 in Nynäshamn. His great passion also took him all the way to the USA to train and participate in seminars with Ted Wong and other Bruce Lee students.
Stefan even taught during seminars that he organized in Sweden and other countries for many years.
The JKD that Stefan trained was according to Ted Wong´s teachings, what is called today TWJKD. Stefan was also a certified instructor under Ted Wong in Scandinavia.
Jeet Kune Do Stockholm is the Swedish school who trains and teaches JKD as taught by Ted Wong today; it is run by instructor Mikael Egidéus and Gina  ( Mikael´s private student since 2005).

I could write a lot about Stefan. He was loved from a lot of people and inspired even more. Stefan will be buried on Thursday. He will be missed from his family, students and even from people who never even met him.

For more information about JKD and training in Stockholm, contact Mikael Egidéus:

Losing IT

I talked earlier about the positive effects on my life which came from training JKD. Since before the summer, my training has been affected, first the injury, then the holidays, then several sicknesses, all this combined with a lot of anger. I feel totally unbalansed right now, to the point that I get myself into unnecessary situations like conflicts with different people, at work,  at home with neighbours … It seems a lot of people have problems they need to take out on me these days and  I can´t stand being attacked in any way,  never have but I react stronger than I should.

That kind of negativity just brings more negativity,  It feels like everything is just falling appart right now and I need to get a grip on this  real quick.

It happenned too many things this summer in my opinion,  now the winter is coming, the famous dark swedish winter, I need to get out of the darkness before the darkness  hits me ! ( footwork ! 🙂 )

Micke and I talked about the situation today, he has no agression but he is also very tired. We hope it will get better or easier after Stefan´s burial and that somehow we can go back to our normal training routines and find the lost energy again.

Training is my link to a more balanced attitude and life, and the positive aspect here is that I feel something is wrong and I am going to do something about it.

N´Guessan Bogui Wilfried

Will Joined us earlier this year, I see him as a talented and decicated person who takes JKD very seriously and is willing to learn everything he can. We are very pleased to have him in our team.

I asked him to write about himself and here is what he wrote.

Thank you Will for your participation in my blog.

I took interested in Jeet Kune Do by chance in a period where I was looking for an art to learn.

Stefan Nikander (R.I.P) is the man who really hooked me up on JKD, showed me what the art of Bruce Lee was truly about and directed me towards the JKD Stockholm Training Group. Even though I never got a chance to train with him, I consider him my first teacher and inspiration.
I began training Jeet Kune Do in January 2011 and it’s the only art I ever practiced. Training and researching training methods is everything I do whenever I am not working. I believe that a good deal of obsession is the minimal requisite to become good at anything.

Stefan Nikander 5/10/2011 :-(

I met Stefan in 2004, he was already in battle against this tumor, I remember thinking he was really strong minded, someone who does not give up, ever.

In 2010 it was time for him to take another round against this thing.

I remember we went down to Nynäshamn a couple of times to train with him, each time I told Micke I was so amazed by the energy Stefan had, we could not stop him, he was so full of life.

That made me believe until the end that he would win this, no matter what.

The last time I met Stefan was in August this year, it was difficult but also inspiring because of the light of hope he was spreading, I remember him telling us:

“I am back”!

I thought if someone is determined enough to beat this thing, it is Stefan! I told him we knew he would make it and we were all waiting for him.

There is no way I was prepared for Micke´s phone call yesterday morning.

Micke  took care of informing us and some close friends in The US, Spain, Norway, Polen and Canada. After a while it came out officially on FB as well.

I am writing this now, out of respect for Stefan.

We are deeply hurt by his passing, first Ted then Stefan; it was certainly not their time to go, but I like to believe that Stefan has now met his hero up there and that together with Ted, the three of them are united and at peace, they certainly have a lot to talk about.

It is up to us to go on now. I can for sure say that all of us who have been training JKD in Sweden and in Scandinavia, will go on in memory of a great Man.

Stefan did not lose his battle! Stefan was called up there by Bruce and Ted because they felt it was time. This is anyway what I want to believe.

REST IN PEACE Stefan, you and your accomplishments will never be forgotten.

Footwork discussions

Mikael (as well known for it) has started a good topic on FB. It is interesting to see how people think and I thought it would be a good opportunity for a blog post today.

So the question was that sometimes it is too much footwork. What did he mean by that?

Footwork is to be used to any technique,  retreat and so on, no JKD without footwork, we all know that,  but I think you need to know how to punch or kick because footwork won´t help you do that. I think good technique will be made effective by footwork, but that was not the question.

Now how can there be too much footwork ? I think Micke talks about people dancing around, using energy in footwork that is not needed and not in place with any technique. I saw fights where the two guys are standing 3 meters from each other,  doing some good footwork but not hitting at all, what is that good for?  It is losing  energy for nothing if you ask me. In close fighting  you have to use the correct footwork to hit, using too much footwork in this case can cost you because some situations will not allow too many moves,  that is why you have to use the correct defense or attack wisely together with most appropiate footwork to get you out of there.

I was quite surprised by some comments like : footwork  beats anyone or any kicks or any punch … what ?  How does footwork beat anything?  Footwork together with a punch or a kick will beat something allright,  and those punches and kicks have to be good ones with power,  but alone what does it do either than avoiding, retreat or closing a gap ? still you have to be able to throw a good punch or kick.

I would not isolate one part of a martial art and say this is what will make you win. Ok some people have better footwork than others, so are they better fighters ?

Well then we get to the interesting stuff, I would say yes if they also have the rest but as I hear it,  some people think footwork is only what it takes , I disagree. Concentrating on footwork only will make you quick , light on your feet, hard to hit… yes, but how good do you hit and kick ? JKD is a fighting art,  so we are not talking about looking good on your feet and on pads,  we are talking about fighting, if we are just dancing around avoiding and retreating this is good footwork of course  because you won´t get hit, but this is not a fight, and is this JKD ? I don´t think so.

I train footwork everyday by itself, in shadow boxing and anytime I train punches and kicks or any technique. I train on speed,  power and technique and make it all be one. Sparring is where I can apply it all. This is where I get a picture on what I do right or wrong, what I need to work  more on. I am not the best fighter far from it,  but I don´t think any part of JKD should be isolated, any good fighter trains daily on few techniques together with footwork, this is my point of view and why do I think that way? because I get my ass kicked in sparring anytime something is missing 🙂