At the church yesterday during a beautiful funeral service, the priest said:

“The more impact people who pass away have had on us, the more grief we show”

Considering the high level of emotions showed in the church yesterday, it is pretty clear that Stefan made a huge impact on people.

We were almost all present from his other family, the JKD family. We are so thankful that we were allowed to share this moment.

Our friends Håkon and Oyvind from Norway made a beautiful performance at the church, everyone was very touched by the ceremony.

We gathered afterwards and were able to talk to different people, it was peaceful and filled with great memories.

Stefan received an incredible amount of telegrams that were displayed. Messages from Spain and Poland were read.

Stefan´s mother asked Micke about our JKD training, she wanted to make sure he would go on. There is no question in his mind, JKD is a part of Mikael, quitting is just not an option.

After the gathering, The JKD brothers went to take a picture at Stefan´s favorite place, The JKD Rock. Unfortunately my camera fell on the ground and broke, but that did not stop us, we took pictures with a cell phone and as it was dark, we used the lights of one of our cars.

We went back to the hotel and discussed about various JKD topics, friendship, memories,  future plans, seminars in Sweden Norway and Poland were also discussed.

October 27th, 2011, a day full of emotions,

Rest in Peace Stefan Nikander,

Until we  meet again.

One thought on “27/10/2011

  1. For anyone reading, when the camera “fell to the ground” it was actually ME slipping on the JKD rock and bicycle-kicking the camera right out of Gina’s hand!
    It was such a weird thing to happen, even if we tried we couldn’t have re-done it! =D

    Its very polite of Gina, however, to not mention it. =)

    Thinking back on Stefan, he did appear to me like a bit of a prankster, so I will attribute that funny accident to his spirit!



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