Month: January 2014


That is the plan this year in september, I really look forward to this even if I am sad I won´t be in San Francisco this year. I cannot really explain the fact that San Francisco has a so huge place in our hearts, there are many things that we love about the town itsef and its relation to Bruce, our friends and the history behind it. It will be interesting to see if we get a similar feeling from Seattle, I for sure look forward to be able to pay my respects to Bruce and Brandon I am sure this will be the peak of our trip.

Coming back!

My shoulder is getting better, I can now add some weights to the exercises the doctor gave me. Acupuncture is working well even if I did not think it would.

I started to train and can do most drills but I have to take it easy on the power and increase gradually. As soon as I start to feel it in the shoulder I just have to stop.

I will have to do that until I get back to normal but that is good to be able to do anything at all, I am happy about that!

PS : in case anyone wonder about that Bloody white square coming after all my posts, it is something my blog provider has no interest in fixing , if I was paying for that blog I would for sure get a better service!

Oh well, That was my ” bitching” moment,  let´s move on

Have a nice day 🙂



Let this year be a good training year!

My shoulder is still not good, I have trained last Wednesday and even though I was very careful and only did a few drills on mitts, I paid for it the rest of the week. The doctor says I should take it easy but I don´t think I can stay inactive anymore,  I have to take myself back into the game one way or another.

I have felt bad and sorry for myself for months and let the injury dictate my life , what good did that do? So at the end, it is only a question of how I manage the situation, not the other way around.

I have left the bad spirit back in 2013 and start the New Year with a new attitude. 

Happy new year !