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My favourite of all

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Low energy time

I have had some troubles with my health lately,  I had to leave the training aside for a while.

I have had  a headache for 8 days in a row ,  both the regular and the eye doctor  say they don´t find any reason why, a bit frustrating but I hope it will get better soon so I can return to my usual  training life.

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Bruce and family

Bruce and Brandon


Bruce and Shannon


Bruce and Linda

Linda and I ( 2010 San Francisco, Bruce Lee´s 70th birthday Party) 🙂

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Some great pictures Bruce, Ted , Bolo, Chuck, Steve




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Some of my favourite pictures









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Yes , I just had to try that again yesterday evening, the weather is so nice I had to go out. The stairs are on the back side of a ski slope by the lake nearby my place.

 I will have to count again but I guess there are around 250 steps up  and when you arrive at the middle it is getting very steep, which makes the last part even harder to climb / run . I did not run in one go yesterday either… but it felt better than the day before. 

 I will give it a rest today and try again on thursday – friday..

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First Run

After the gym yesterday evening I decided to run  and take the famous “stairs”.

First run of the year! went not too bad but I could not run all the way up in one go.

The first time of the year is always very difficult, but as the weather is getting much better I will try to squeeze the stairs a couple of times in my weekly shcedule.

After a while I use to be able to run it two times in a row, but a lot of training is needed before I can achieve that.

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