Month: April 2010

Low energy time

I have had some troubles with my health lately,  I had to leave the training aside for a while.

I have had  a headache for 8 days in a row ,  both the regular and the eye doctor  say they don´t find any reason why, a bit frustrating but I hope it will get better soon so I can return to my usual  training life.


Yes , I just had to try that again yesterday evening, the weather is so nice I had to go out. The stairs are on the back side of a ski slope by the lake nearby my place.

 I will have to count again but I guess there are around 250 steps up  and when you arrive at the middle it is getting very steep, which makes the last part even harder to climb / run . I did not run in one go yesterday either… but it felt better than the day before. 

 I will give it a rest today and try again on thursday – friday..

First Run

After the gym yesterday evening I decided to run  and take the famous “stairs”.

First run of the year! went not too bad but I could not run all the way up in one go.

The first time of the year is always very difficult, but as the weather is getting much better I will try to squeeze the stairs a couple of times in my weekly shcedule.

After a while I use to be able to run it two times in a row, but a lot of training is needed before I can achieve that.


No training partners this sunday, I trained by myself.

I did not have so much energy but as usual as I start I get some.

Mostly heavy bag and fotwork

Combinations Punches

jab cros hook

Hook hook Hook

Jab Cross Uppercut

Uppercut uppercut Hook

jab cross elbow elbow


1 low hook

2 hook

3 high hook

combination 1-2-3 both sides

Side kicks both sides

spining back kick both sides

front kick

footwork: ( with Ted´s footwork  video on )

Step and slide, burst, quick retreat shuffle, side step

That was it for the sunday ” group” training … Hopefully I will be able to have a private lesson some time this week.

Today Monday,  I will go to the gym

April 4th

As I wrote in the previous post, this was a harder session, 45 minutes, no breaks.

I started with warm up 20 minutes before Micke arrived:  stretch kicks , footwork and stretching.

Lunge leg exercise:

Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart, Take a step forward. The knee at 90 degrees and directly above the toes, The motion is continued until the back knee is nearly touching the ground. Starts well , 40 reps..

Step exercise:

Up on the “step” ( home made with pads),  up with the other knee as  high  as possible and down again, 40 of those…

Frog jumps:

From the “frog” position jumping high and landing light… 20reps(I need to work on that, I weigh 50kgs when I land it sounds more like 100!)

Punches with resistance:

Micke is holding my fists and pressing towards me while I am punching / presssing towards him..20reps

Horse stance position:

Stay relatively low with straight back while shadow punching.


Stand with the upper body  slightly forward,  train biceps with the weights, tempo,  40 reps.

With straight back,  up with the weights over the shoulders,  20 rep ( because I cannot do more ) and hold the position with extended arms to the sides.

Focus mitts:

One Inch punch, 30 reps, give it some more power !

Jab Cross Hook, working on speed and power. 30reps

Jab Cross Hook Hook.30reps

Jab Cross Hook Hook Dive…. SPEED !!! 30reps

Squat Steps:

Squats steps  forward,  back and forth on a 6 meters distance,  4 times

Push ups:

With feet on a chair, regular 10 + on fists 10

Leg Press:

Lying on the floor, try to lift Micke with my legs

Leg Lift:

Straight legs lifting , Micke stands behind my head and push them back towards the floor as they come up again, around 10 straight and 10 to the sides.

Lying Leg Curl:

Lying face down, the medicine ball between the feet  bring the feet up bending the knees toward the body, 20reps

Step exercise on a chair :

This one is higher and much harder ! especially after all this.. 20reps


again !  30 reps

Focus mitts:

Hook  Hook  Hook ( left, right, left ) , work on footwork and proper body rotation, add some real power to each of them ..30reps

Frog jumps:

Yes well , thank God we were not filming this one, I was so tired my body felt like … I don´t know what,  but not good . 3 (ridiculous ) reps 🙂

And we have a Happy trainer today again ( Monday ),  my whole body is just a  big muscle pain,  I can barely walk. But I really think this was a great training ! NO PAIN NO GAME 🙂

” The Return of The Revenge “

You guys will understand ( and feel ) what that means next time you come to the Sunday Training!

No training partners for two weeks in a row , It will only be me for another private session,  this is good, I need it.

Micke warned us earlier this week about the level that will be higher, he told us to be ready for harder training this sunday.

Not only would  this be harder physically but also on a mental level, 45 minutes with no break and a harder way of instructing, at some point I felt like “G. I. Gina”  in an Army kinda training camp 🙂 But here is an intresting thing to point out, the way the Student is responding to this kind of pressure.  I could feel I did not like it all that much but this was a test and I handled it, after all this is martial Art training, no kinder garden playground.

Have no limitation as limitation… 

Yesterday´s Focus was on Power, especially for the legs but also the arms. Will revert with details later..