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44 years

It seems incredible but it is true, Bruce Lee passed away 44 years ago.

There will always be speculations and need for a story behind the facts, truth is we don´t even know the facts and people who know are either gone or will never tell , so what is the point.

There will always be suspicions around  famous people who die too soon , we could spend our lives trying to digg some exiting story . Famous people die like non famous people, accident, illness  and yes even murder but the result is the same,  that person is gone and the tragedy is the same for their families as it would be for ours but is it?

Actually it is worse for them because on top of their loss they have to deal with millions of people thinking they know the truth, millions of people thinking they are entitled to their opinion and even people trying to get famous by spreading some false dirt here and there.

That is the price to pay when you are famous, I guess… I am not speculating on anything, I have a life … Let´s say that his pasing is terrible, not only for the family, but for the world, and for what he would have become and accomplished .

But what he already left us is incredible and to this day there is nobody in my mind that would ever replace him, This is my opinion.

Rest in Peace Bruce and thank you .








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November 27th, 1940 Chinatown, San Francisco

No surprise for all fans, this is Bruce Lee´s birth date,  he would have turned 76 this year.

I feel blessed to have visited the hospital and almost entered the room where he was born before they destroyed the Chinese hospital for reconstruction.

I am always thinking about how far he would have come considering the amazing path he took towards success and self accomplishment.

One thing is certain, some people would run for their life if he was alive today !

I have already talked about how I came to know about Bruce Lee the actor and what impact he had on my life later on when I started with JKD so I won´t repeat that again.

I just want to point that no matter where you go, and how old you are, Bruce Lee is still known 43 years after his death , how is that for an accomplishment !

Let´s celebrate his life and be thankful for what he left us.









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“Birth of the dragon” is a fraude ?

Wow, the reviews are out and  I am really disappointed ! Here are some of them that I read in the papers today:

“Hollywood is racist. This movie disrespects the legacy of Bruce Lee. I highly recommend everyone to boycott this movie. The movie serves to perpetuate negative stereotypes regarding Asian women, men, and the culture.”

“This entire film is a carefully hidden propaganda piece that portrays Lee as some unsexual, angry, kung fu loser who accomplishes nothing.”

“I wanted to watch a movie about the legend Bruce lee. Not another white washed movie deleting/altering/hiding his history and Again disrespecting Asians with another white male Asian female interest. Truth is movies spread lies and it hurts societies. In this case. Asian men.”

and it goes on and on…


Knowing that Shannon a a total control over Bruce Lee´s name, how could  this movie be approved is a mistery to me…

Of course this is just another guy trying to make money on Bruce Lee´s name , no question about that.

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Why is Bruce Lee still alive?


Talking about his spirit of course 🙂

I recently talked to a young colleague from Switzerland, she is 29 years old and when I asked: “do you know who Bruce Lee is?” she said “of course”. She was born in 1987, 14 years after Bruce´s passing and has absolutely no relation to martial arts whatsoever, so where does it come from? The name, everybody knows that name, isn´t that incredible?

I was born in 1972 and as long as I can remember I was hearing about Bruce Lee. As a child I saw the movies again and again and as a teenager I had my room covered with Bruce Lee posters. He was the ultimate fighter,  the superhero of my childhood and still is.

No matter what, I will always admire the man, the actor and the martial artist. It is no wonder we still know him, we still talk about him, refer to him and make movies about him, this is what a true legend is all about.

His passing was a tragedy and I really don´t care about the how and the why, what I think is that it was way too soon, it would have been so interesting to see how far he would have gone, what he would have become, this is a shame we did not get more time, I think we could have learned a lot more from him.

But we need to remember what he left us and this needs to be treasured. How the legacy is used by some people can be questionable but I really think it is great to see that he is still remembered and not only by martial arts people.

Walk On !


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Brandon Lee

Mars 31st, 1993.
I remember when I heard the news, I was at my parents place in my hometown in France. Brandon Lee had passed in an accident on a movie set. This was so sad and unbelievable, Brandon had already joined his father in heaven.
Anyone can speculate on what happened, I prefer thinking he was called up there on a bigger mission.
I remember his accomplishments and his great performance on THE CROW, one great movie!

Rest in peace Brandon.

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The trip to San Francisco  is planned for november, we talked to Allen on the phone when he turned 90 (  July 31th ).

Allen and Annie were having a common birthday party to celebrate both their 90th birthdays! I was so happy to talk to both of them on the phone, we were not able to find a flying ticket for the occasion but we will make sure we can meet them in November.

Pictures below are from our friend Jeff Chinn ( world´s biggest Bruce Lee collector).

Allen with his wonderful wife Annie - July 2012

Allen Joe with Bruce Lee - 1966

I feel blessed to know Allen and Annie and I can´t wait to meet them again in November.

San Francisco is always a wonderful experience, it will be the 3rd time and everytime I wish the trip would not end.

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I was a baby when Bruce Lee passed away but in my early years I started to hear about him, my whole family was talking about him, his films where on TV very often and still are,  Bruce has been a legend in France in more than 40 years and still is.

when I was young I was not into sports at all unfortunately, but one of my cousins was and he had the dream of doing just what Bruce did in his movies. I myself had a whole wall of my bedroom covered with Bruce pictures posters and newspaper articles.

At the time it did not matter if I was into sports or not,  I grew up with some kind of Bruce presence until I went deeper and started JKD in Sweden, after this the journey went even further and I met Bruce Lee´s closest friends and family in San francisco in 2010.

so 40 years have passed , but the  impact is unbelievable and  is still going on in the whole world.  On a more personal level this number of years comes with other consequences and  I can easily be very sad about that  but I raise from it when I think about what I have been able to accomplish and no matter what some people may think,  I believe that my passion for Bruce Lee is what brought me here today.

My deepest respects to Bruce Lee since  the 70´s until  today and still going on…


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