Month: April 2013


I have not been able to log in for a while,some people have nothing better to do than trying to hack blogs!  I thought I had closed all comments but apparently not, still I get spam comments and quite a lot these last days. It is really annoying to have a blog and be forced to close comments because of this,  even if I get some funny bunnies comments sometimes …

Anyway , I am up and running again and I thought I would write about what I have done lately. The gym is in focus right now ! Because of my last injury I have lost muscles and I need to build this back asap. Now the best JKD season has started and by that I mean the fact that we can train outside again! I am so thankful for our club that gave us the opportunity to train inside during this never ending winter. Now fresh air is on the menu,this  the best time of the year in Sweden if you ask me.

By the way,  today is the day I moved to Sweden…  12 years ago!