Month: February 2011

work it!

I am just finished with my session tonight.

I started warming up with some jumps and steps ( some that I stole from Amy´s videos 🙂 )

then some footwork, right and left lead,  forward backwards and sides .

I started with a serie of jabs on the bag,  30 with right lead,  30with left.

Same thing with cross , and same with hook and finished with back fist.

Kicks : hooks , series with front right leg and then front left

same with sidekicks

– 30 pushups

– biceps work with weight

– Then I attached the” rubber band thing” to the door handle and worked on jab cross until it burned like hell

back to the bag with same exercises, jab and cross and hook right and left.

hook and side kicks, right and left.

I finished with taking off the gloves and worked on jab cross hook and kicks on the bag with less power to pay more attention to the technique and feel the movement.

I just have to say it is when you work on things that you realise how much you need it. It means as well that the learning process never ends,  anytime I get better at something I notice something else to work on and this is good,  I reached a level where I can feel and notice the details and know what is needed to get better. This is the beauty of JKD, dedication and self discipline will pay off. I really am proud of myself even if I think I am not training enough.

The left lead

AH , well this training session today did not start the way I expected.

Micke asked me to hit the bag to see how my technique looks like.

After a couple of minutes he says to change side, using the left lead, ah the famous left side , my famous worthless left side, no seriously !

First of all I was totally lost, no flow no power no form nothing ! talk about feeling like crap!  And Micke´s comment confirmed it: ” what the hell is this ???”

I use to train the left side but not in rounds on the bag, standing on the left lead and using all combinations feels unnatural and seems the body just wants to go back to the right lead. I found myself thinking, not knowing which hand to use and my God It felt like I was  back to 6 years ago,  OH NO I won´t let that happen !

Then I did the techniques in the air, kicks:  hook side and front, punches:  jab cross hook uppercut ,  and same thing on pads.

Then I tried to hit and kick Micke  going forward and backwards  still only using the left lead …

As a result I was told to train the left side only , for the whole coming week. 

I went back to the right side and hit the bag again,  I feel lighter and have a better flow.

Then I worked on hook kicks in the air .. that is where I got a comment which I did not realise or believe at first , Micke said:

 ” your kicks start to look like mine ”  WHAT ??? wow this is huge  and that makes my day !

I have another point to work on, during the past weeks I tried to work on my position and tried to have a better alignement and stand better, I tend to bend my upperbody forward, I need to stand more straight. When Micke told me it was a big mistake to look down I realised that is why I am not standing correctly, and if I look down I can´t see the kicks coming right at my head !

This is going to be the focus of this week, work the bag and all techniques on the left side and hit the bag looking up not down. I will draw a line on the bag to have a point to focus on when working on it.

Good !

We decided to go to the gym one extra time per week.

It feels good to alternate, I train JKD at home 3 times a week, two at the gym and sparring on sundays .

We talked about this never ending winter ( sick of it ! ) yesterday ,  it will be so good to be able to run outside,  ride the bike, run in the stairs and so on. We always are much more active when it is not like in Siberia outside !

As for the light, thinking that there is almost no night at all in the summer ,  it gives a great opportunity to do more things, I really look forward to it !

Eureka !!!

This is the point , get to that stage where you feel what you´re doing is right or wrong.

I always decompose my  training and then put it all together.

I started with some jumps and steps to warm up .

Heavy bag :  serie of straight leads , then I added cross and then hooks.

– combination of all three adding uppercut and backfist.

I go on with kicks, first hook at three levels of hight,  low regular and high, first one after the other, then all three together ( without droping the foot)  as usual this feels better on the right side, there must be some kind of misconstruction on my left side or I am not correctly assembled  🙂 ah no seriously this is lack of training , no secret, I need to spend more time on the left side that´s all, no excuses!

I did some footwork, back and forth ,sideways, bob and weave and added the straight lead and cross, yeah again, cross needs more work. This is where I had a revelation ( or did I ? ) the straight lead start to look and feel pretty good , hm is it because I focus like a crazy person on it ? the answer is yes of course,  the more you train the better you become, again this is no advance brainsurgery,  this is training. Ah I amuse myself sometimes, as if I just learned how it works !!! I just heard it at least a thousand times from Micke, but the role of a student is to start thinking by himself , you can hear something one million times if you don´t get it you are done.

so I spent more time on cross, took it again on the heavy bag , alone and in combinations…

I did some weight exercises and used the rubber thing ( still did not check what this thing is called ) , then I went back to footwork

then 50 pushups in a row ( ok the last 10 were not that deep  but same here , when I started I could barely do  10 and  the five last looked ridiculous, now I can say I do 40 real ones and 10 funny ones at the end, but I will get them to look good I can tell you that ! )

Go on with footwork again , adding the punches.

Situps on the balance ball,  I did 50 but it did not hurt enough…

Footwork again

Situps , I tried to find the most painful position and I did 30

and another round with footwork and 30 situps.

I finished with the wristroller, I am not bragging about this one, it is killing me every single time. I did three time and I was done.

some stretching and that´s it for tonight .


It is good news that my blog is read by people, however sometimes I get strange comments addressed to somebody else inside the JKD family.

Please read the front page, you will see who is the writer , my name is Gina and I am not a messenger so please make sure you send your messages to the right person.

The purpose of this blog is also stated on the front page, I will not take part in any war or be an intermediate person passing on your messages.

No offense to anyone, just make sure you contact the right person if you have something to say to them.

And to false potential students fishing for information, well I got an idea on who you are, so don´t bother !


I have focused on several details the past weeks, yesterday I worked on footwork, kicks and straight lead.

I do the footwork back and forth in my living room, then move it to my training room in front of the mirror to see what it looks like, then I add some shadow boxing before moving to the heavy bag.

Straight lead:  as usual it has to come naturally, hand before foot and the proper body alignement , push the hip and get some power in it ! well if you train often enough you will get there, already knowing what you have to do and feel or look like is a good point, doing it properly with all that knowledge is the whole point and  it needs practise.

I train quite some time on the kicks, low regular and high on both sides ( hook kicks only) , then I taped some peaces of coloured paper at different levels on the bag  to give me  targets. While kicking I focused on keeping a straight line and the guard up. After a while you have to stop thinking at all, so the whole movement can get some better flow and natural movement.

After that I decided to try  some yoga , ( one of my friends gave me a DVD  for christmas) . Interesting at first but then I got borred by the lack of action 🙂