I have focused on several details the past weeks, yesterday I worked on footwork, kicks and straight lead.

I do the footwork back and forth in my living room, then move it to my training room in front of the mirror to see what it looks like, then I add some shadow boxing before moving to the heavy bag.

Straight lead:  as usual it has to come naturally, hand before foot and the proper body alignement , push the hip and get some power in it ! well if you train often enough you will get there, already knowing what you have to do and feel or look like is a good point, doing it properly with all that knowledge is the whole point and  it needs practise.

I train quite some time on the kicks, low regular and high on both sides ( hook kicks only) , then I taped some peaces of coloured paper at different levels on the bag  to give me  targets. While kicking I focused on keeping a straight line and the guard up. After a while you have to stop thinking at all, so the whole movement can get some better flow and natural movement.

After that I decided to try  some yoga , ( one of my friends gave me a DVD  for christmas) . Interesting at first but then I got borred by the lack of action 🙂