Month: March 2011

if you ain´t gonna puke …

you will definetely feel it the next day … Yeah let me tell you I have pain from my neck down to my legs, not unsusual that is the beauty if it, always something that you´re going to remember for at least a few days.

Anyway I thought I would tell a little more about the training from yesterday. It was not my day, I did not do much right and had no energy, I guess it happens

First , free warming up, I kicked the bag.

We started with light sparring,

– using only the punches.

–  using only kicks

–  using it all .

All three again with another partner , no breaks.

Light sparring is a bit different, no protection means no hitting the head or the groin ( too bad 🙂 ) In my case I feel restrained and the technique looks awful, we open our hand when we see an opening for head strike , but there is no power in those either, yeah as I just said this is light sparring. I need to work on that.

I felt good on my feet but here again when I focus too much on something the rest does not look good. I learned over the years that after long hours training it will come together but training the right way and often is the only way and if thinking too much about one thing  is affecting other things, means I train wrong!  ” DON`T THINK!!!! FEEL…” 

We did some grappling, changing partners. I did not get down once,  this is good.  I took Niklas down tough but I think it was an accident…

Exercises on pads,  going forward on a aproximately 6-7 meters length and back :

– using jab

– same thing with cross

– then hook

– hook kicks and finally side kicks- no break

I completed it but struggled with the energy level at the end. My sidekicks felt like crap.

Then the boys carried each other on the back and made small jumps up 10 on each sides

I lifted a piece of wood as the lightest weight around was 62kgs and I could not lift him on my back.

PS:  Congratulations Remy who lifted some heavy weight (102kgs ) I was impressed , good work!

Then we did some statical training, I remember Will asking ,” what is this ? ”  I don´t want to brag too much but well let´s say not many could do it…( nothing to brag about anyway, my legs where not high enough!)

Then we finished with pushups and hands up for Will and Gina who finished this race brilliantly  AH 🙂

Old feelings

First of all I want to welcome Will to our training sessions, I met him for the first time today, I think he is very serious and dedicated and we hope he will come to more sessions from now on.

Remy and Nicklas were there too today, we had a very intense session full of heavy activities. Micke is very good when it comes to make the sessions great and not like a routine, always bringing new things and exercises at different levels of difficulty.

I was talking to Nicklas today, he says he feels like he lost everything because he hasn´t trained for a month, Nicklas has been sick and I told him he had to give it some time because it is normal to feel like this at the beginning.  I had the same attitude myself expecting  too much but the training process is long , nobody becomes good overnight.

I myself don´t feel good right now, not a lack of training really because I train more than ever but I got some personal stuff going on that are messing with my head and I feel insecure and vulnerable. It does not show in my training according to Micke but in my attitude.

I talked to Micke about that yesterday, he told me what he thinks, what  is good and what I have to work on to make the weakness go away, a lot of things that I already know  but somehow when it does not feel right , well it does not. I did not let this negativity affect my training today. I have to say it helps to have great training partners, the atmosphere when we train is very special, just because we are all on the same page,  all of us take it seriously and have great respect for each other.

I had some times when I felt really bad about myself  but this time it makes me want to train more, just because I know that I reached some kind of acceptable level and it would be really stupid to let bad stuff that happen in life destroy that. Let´s face it JKD is most certainly the only thing I have accomplished in my life, I am not getting any younger so it looks like it is the path I am supposed to take.


last night session at the gym was quite interesting. I started with 30 minutes on the crosstrainer and I have to say I don´t feel this is tough enough anymore , I have it on highest level and try to push to high tempo but still…

Anyway I lifted some weight,  worked on biceps, shoulders and did some situps and pushups exercises on the TRX.

I worked on the legs for a while as well as I need to tighten up this aera a little (!) …

After one and a half  hour I thought I was done but when I went pass the treadmill I thought I would give it a try. I ran only 2 kms , it took me around 10 min, Ok not a record but I never run on that thing, it makes me dizzy when I get down, I prefer running outside,  it feels much more natural to me. 

Anyway the point here is that I felt I did more workout in 10 minutes on the treadmill than I did in 30 minutes on the crosstrainer , so I may do that again 🙂

when I came back home, after I got myself something to eat, I did a bit of footwork and shadow boxing.

Jkd training is at tonight´s program.

I see my upper body is getting some nice trained shape but the lower aera needs some work tough ! 

I need to get stronger legs this is important for my kicks and the stomach aera is under construction as well because it is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Bruce Lee Lee believed that the abdominal muscles were one of the most important muscle groups for a martial artist, since virtually every movement requires some degree of abdominal work. Bruce always felt that if your stomach was not developed, then you had no business doing any hard sparring.


one step further

After 6 years I apparently earned to know one JKD secret. Micke showed me today and I worked on it by myself tonight.

I tried with and without and repeated it again and again until I felt the difference, quite tricky at the beginning because I am simply not used to it but I think this will help me get better because this makes a huge difference.

and no I won´t write what it is,  in case you are waiting for it 🙂

I also worked by myself tonight, I am just finished with it.

I started with The TRX , God that thing is killing me ! I Like the army version, no girls in shorts in this one , and real exercises for tough guys … and girls  🙂  Anyway,  I did program number two and the problem with it,  is that after I was done I wanted to do more, so I started program number one but I actually stopped after the leg exercises.

I did some footwork for quite some time and trained on kicks on the papper drill.

The main focus tonight was to keep a straight line, a little earlier today Micke told me it was not good, so I worked on it tonight.

A bit of stretching and I am really done for today …

getting there!

tonight I started warming up on the heavy bag .

then some footwork alone and integrating punches.

I trained on the straight lead for a short moment tonight as some more work needs to be done on the other punches .

I trained in front of the mirror for a while , only on cross and hook, trying to keep a good alignement , a proper footwork and seeing how that looks is actually very good, then I did the same without looking and tried to feel the movement.

Then I went to the heavy bag with gloves

I did rounds of cross and rounds of hooks

then back in front of the mirror

I also tried this with the papper drill, it is kind of tricky  on the papper but  a very good exercise!

I ended with a couple of rounds on the heavy bag, without gloves. ( this is when you feel even more when you hit wrong ! )

The more I trained the more I felt I was getting there, it felt better and  it looked better than before.

Finding the right  footwork/punch combination until it becomes ONE, takes time and requires hard work and a lot of training, no secret here…

I train more on footwork than ever before, here we have an answer to some questions anyway…


I got myself a TRX, I took the army version and tried the program from the DVD as soon as I received it. I am amazed by that product, I really like it. The exercises are really fun to do and very hard for some of them. What I like most is the way you feel the body is working really hard, and then you got the message even clearer the day after … the muscles in my legs just killed me for three days!

I could not do some exercises, this is good it gives me goals to achieve with it.

I will go to the gym tonight for some weight lifting and then  the usual crosstrainer or I may try to run instead, we´ll see.

I don´t think Micke will follow tonight because the Dragon is healing right now… 🙂

Ups and downs

I wrote in a previous post that I was proud of myself, that´s good because it is not the case everyday. I use to joke about things that I am bad at , not today.

Of course the correct state of mind is to accept your defeats and accept that you are not the best at everything. I am certainly not the best at everything and I liked to say I passed that level where you feel like crap, like I do today.

But the difference with before is that today,  I am turning this one into a positive matter,  in a way.

Micke came to my place today for our sparring session, I was told to use the left lead and that is when everything just fell apart in my head and in my JKD. At first I thought well OK,  I trained on the left lead this week we´ll see how I manage, but then I got hit in the tibia because I had a too slow and too bad  footwork , it hurt like hell but I went on, and then I got punched right in the nose because my helmet grid is too wide and Micke´s fist  just went through in the middle. It hurt allright,  but I had worse before  so no big deal but  I felt  upset and  I left the room and went to isolate myself for a couple of minutes. I was  upset with myself for feeling like I did 6 years ago. Then Micke told me we could stop and I said no, then we went on sparring  but using the right lead.  I got  hit more but it did not feel the same way,  I have  more confidence and no fear when I am in my comfort zone.

So what shoud I do from there ?  Train more things I am not comfortable with. Of course there is no way I ´m gonna use the left lead  if I have to use my JKD in the streets, but in some situations I may have to and this is why I should train it, and because I cannot allow myself to be afraid of sparring using the  the left lead or in  any other situation ever again.

Micke really pushes me, when it comes to training I am not considered like a girl and this is good, this is why I am where I am today and this is what helped me get passed the  stages from the beginning . He pushes me because he believes in me and in my potential otherwise why bother. The truth is  I owe him my level,  being hard on me makes me tough and let´s face it, if I have to use my skills one day in the real life and make it out alive,  I will have one person to thank for that.

JKD is tough, it is a fighting art, I am being pushed to my limits and I would not want to train in any other way.

 So this is one serious post today I don´t feel like joking at all, I have some work to do.

TRX Suspension Trainer

We went to the gym tonight , I warmed up on the crosstrainer ,

then we headed to the weight lifting area when I noticed something new , something I had seen in one of Amy´s videos, the TRX Suspension Trainer! Ah I went straight to it and tried,  I just love it and I am gonna get one!

We worked most on shoulders and biceps tonight, then we  went over to the situps area,  there is a situp “machine” that just kills the stomach after just 7 repetitions! I can´t do a lot of those but it is just a question to push it a little bit more every time.

Then  I asked Micke to help me with stretching, it is getting better but there is a tremendous amount of work on this one and that is not new…

Then I had to try the TRX Suspension Trainer again before we left  🙂

Tonight´s training was painful but this is the way it should be , so you feel it working !


Tonight I thought I would add some drills that I should do more often

I started warming up with jumping rope

Footwork :  going forward on a straight line covering the whole room then backwards a couple of times, right and left lead . I also worked on side steps ,  using right and left lead as well.

Shadow boxing:  focus on the correct footwork and speed  coming back in on guard  , doing series and combinations.

Series of jabs

jab and cross


jab cross and hook


the Kicks:

I actually only worked on hook kicks tonight, I tried some series of fast ones

Paper drill: I put the paper into place and worked on the famous paper drill:

I worked on jabs for a while and added all punches following the rotation and movement of the paper, trying to keep appropriate footwork , correct technique, power and speed

Statical training:

Keeping the position up,  trying to stay in balance ,  Hook and sidekicks. I noticed my leg  was too low so was my upperbody, especially in the sidekick position.

I decided to do some stretching,  first on the floor and then I attached a rope on the top of the bag , I attached  my foot on one side of the rope and pulled the other side.

I was not really happy with this one,  it did not hurt enough. I have to find an adjustment to that exercise so I can feel it working.

I did some more statical leg training and went on the floor to stretch again until it hurt too much to go on.

Then I was done with the sesssion…

Micke Told me I´d better be in Top Shape before the summer… I guess I will have to work even harder… 🙂

JKD friends

Some of our contacts on FB and training groups for reference.

Ted Wong Jeet Kune DO,

Lamar Davis, Alabama USA,

Tom Harvey , Minesota USA,

Patrick Chan, Canada,

Taky Kimura, Seattle USA,

Joel Ramos, Philippines,

Vincent Benitez, USA,

American Jeet kune Do,

Jaume Carbon, Spain

Jari Nyman, Spain

Rodney Hitchcock, Arkansas

Mike Rutter, Minesota USA

Håkon Didriksen, Norway