Tonight I thought I would add some drills that I should do more often

I started warming up with jumping rope

Footwork :  going forward on a straight line covering the whole room then backwards a couple of times, right and left lead . I also worked on side steps ,  using right and left lead as well.

Shadow boxing:  focus on the correct footwork and speed  coming back in on guard  , doing series and combinations.

Series of jabs

jab and cross


jab cross and hook


the Kicks:

I actually only worked on hook kicks tonight, I tried some series of fast ones

Paper drill: I put the paper into place and worked on the famous paper drill:

I worked on jabs for a while and added all punches following the rotation and movement of the paper, trying to keep appropriate footwork , correct technique, power and speed

Statical training:

Keeping the position up,  trying to stay in balance ,  Hook and sidekicks. I noticed my leg  was too low so was my upperbody, especially in the sidekick position.

I decided to do some stretching,  first on the floor and then I attached a rope on the top of the bag , I attached  my foot on one side of the rope and pulled the other side.

I was not really happy with this one,  it did not hurt enough. I have to find an adjustment to that exercise so I can feel it working.

I did some more statical leg training and went on the floor to stretch again until it hurt too much to go on.

Then I was done with the sesssion…

Micke Told me I´d better be in Top Shape before the summer… I guess I will have to work even harder… 🙂