Month: August 2010

Looking back

When I started my private training with Micke,  we almost only trained on pads because I had to build the technique first. When the guys started with us, we added some serious sparring sessions together as a group but I always have private training where I  most of the time, want  to focus on the technique on pads because I still need some serious work and those sessions a precious to me. This is where my technique is corrected and it gives me some advice for my own training at home afterwards, I can then try to apply this during the next training session with the guys.  

 I remember in the begining it was difficult for me , I had not the same level as the guys and I felt a bit outside the group. I got better on pads but useless in sparring because I did not sparr enough . When they all left for military duty I got the opportunity to close the gap a bit, the goal was to try to reach their level in their absence. I trained more with Micke and focused on my technique / own training and applied on sparring sessions more often.  I got better because of this and when the guys came back, the sparring sessions became more intense and I have  to say it is thanks to sparring in real conditions with those guys who never treated me like a girl that I am where I am today. I am so thankful for this team.

Cardio Training

I decided to add more cardio to my daily training, yesterday I went to the gym and completed 60 minutes cardio training on the step machine, the one that allows you to take wide steps upwards and work with the arms as well.  This was a great work out.

 I guess this will help me get strength in my legs and the stairs will be a piece of cake after  several weeks of this !

Strength in my legs will also mean more stability and power in my kicks, I look forward to see some results.

Wild training in the wild

Although we are deadly serious with our training sessions, we also have some fun trying new things

Yesterday we started with running up the Hill.

Then Sparring with no gear and open hand with opponent pressing against a wall.

We then decided to train  balance on a big tube lying on the ground ( see our videos on you tube ! )  those you could hold on it long enough did some light sparring ..

Up the Hill again and  sparring:  the opponent who has the highest position is having the advantage pushing down ,  trying to provide the other to go up .

Some “pushing” the partner up the hill while the other one is resisting using  his body weight to push down . ( good leg and back exercise ! )

Michel and Remy carrying each other down another slope in on guard position and doing some step and slide.

We ended with hardening: punches and kicks in the stomach first, then kicks on the inside and outside of the legs and we (especially Michel 🙂 ) were done with it for the day .

then Remy wanted to try to crawl through the tube as quickly as possible , as he started the other two guys thought it would be funny to roll the tube while he was in it, YES ! funny it was ! as Remy not only rolled over in the inside he also was attacked by big spiders !

He must have woken them up and quite a lot of them were running all over the place…  Lucky me who  did not try that , we would have added a heart attack to this session !!!

Training with Stefan

This Sunday the whole group went down to Nynäshamn for a training session with Stefan at his school.

It was a very intense session and the heavy air in the room made it even harder, AC Stefan 🙂

We started with drills on pads

Simple Direct Attack, Progressive indirect Attack , 1/2 beat , Attack by combination… ( We left out attack by drawing and hand immobilization.)

After that we practised combinations on pads:

Kicks -Punches- Elbows – Knees – push the pad holder and kick when he backs up

Then  same thing on Stefan / Red Man

Michel and Remy hit hard and don´t back up , I have to work on speed, first kick and punch should be one, when I got that right it will be good.

Stefan says it is easier when you have a great footwork like Micke, yeah  Well ! we all wish we had ! 🙂

Then Some brief kicking and punching on pads when attached to a belt with rubberband attached to a wall, I liked this one !

Then it is sparring time. Stefan wants us to focus on attacking with all we got and using most combination possible. NO STOPPING AFTER ONE – TWO !!! Go on until the opponent is down .

Micke starts with Michel and very fast I see he´s increasing the level a bit, harder kicks and punches made Michel end up  down against the wall , were he got ” finished ”  🙂

Remy and Markus , it went fast over to the ground and I wish the trainers had stopped the fight to force them up ! Markus is more comfortable on the ground, he told me he does not have the opportunity to practise real sparring , if I can make a comment here, you should force yourself to stand on your feet to practise sparring, grappling is no JKD.

I sparred with Michel .

I have to say it is  very easy to loose all form and go for it like this made me be more agressive and less clean in the style. It felt like I was punching for my life,  this is how the real fight would probably happen in real situation, But I must admit I was not happy with the feeling I had.

I was not able  to keep it clean. I don´t know how the film will turn out but I did not feel it right and I should be able to not loose it all in this situation , keep control and know what I am doing.

But as Stefan says this is part of learning process, you do wrong once, so what? you do wrong twice , so what ? Go on until you get it right,  use this as an experience and go on .

I have some more learning to do, Micke gave me 3 years , I agree,  it will take me at least 3 years to get those things right.

Motivation and detrmination are at the highest right now

Rainy day, in and out !

This sunday we were short of training partners ( ! ) I trained alone with Micke at my place.

First on mitts:

. Front Hand lead, I spent some time on this one , it needs work everyday

. Shovel hook

. hook trying to hit the mitt when the partner is moving

 Micke wanted to do it as well but after two times did he not only hit the pad but the pad hit my face too  🙂 well joke appart , the problem here is that I am too slow

. jab – step back

quite tricky , the timing is crutial , I have to work on that ( too .. )


. drop step , AH ! yes I have some troubles with this one, I did it again and again and again , the thing is trying to feel it right , as everything else, it comes with practise, no secret .

Heavy bag :

.Hook and Side Kicks, both sides , I am quite happy with the progress of those, only one detail , the position of the leg for side kick need to be adjusted: lift and kick.

.Spinning back kick

.Spinning wheel kick

.Horse kick

I will not comment on those 3 , I choose to work on them and talk later….

Conclusion of the day:

Better technique overall,

Explosivity need some serious work.

Speed vs Slow

Yesterday I asked Micke if we could have a private session instead of the gym, I needed more attention to the front hand lead , footwork, speed and kicks and wanted him to correct some details and to give me some advice on my own training during the week

I practised on the heavy bag, on mitts and on the paper sheet.

It is always the same problem as soon as I start thinking I loose it all !  Seems so easy when Micke does it , actually !  but again, I can absolutely not compare myself to him.

I can only watch and learn and practise until I get it right , he says he gives me three years and I will be as good as Him … euh .. no he did not !  He said three more years and I will be a good fighter, I realise I have to put some more hours daily training because I personnaly think I will need it.

Anyway after at least a hundred times trying to get the front hande lead  right , I went to the heavy bag and worked on my kicks, they are better apparently which is good, I feel more stability and that was good news.

After that we did some more drills to gain stability in the moves.

In the air, hook kick:  low  regular and high, first with landing in between , then without landing 

Same thing with side and front kick

after that we repeated with some speed

and the last one with the slowest motion possible,

This one was interesting is NOT as easy as it sounds, the position and  balance to be kept at all times during the developement of the kick , good exercise actually.

I repeated al this a while after Micke had left yesterday and this will be part of the program for quite a while from now on.

Back to basis

I spend more time on footwork and straight lead these days.

My technique is doing better, I need more strength and stability to push it harder. I studied the last filming and I see what needs to be improved, I have now rearranged my own daily training to focus on those points which are:

– A better on guard and a better Front hand  lead.

– Being tighter in my movements and less tensed .

– Stretching and Power

By focusing on those things for a while until this becomes natural will help me get all the rest better as well.

I saw a very good documentary on TV yesterday where Bruce speaks about muscle memory, there is no secret if you train all the time the muscles will remember the moves and you won´t need to think about it. I am working hard towards this.

I am not a quiter,  I am pretty determined to get it right and I will.


August 1st , Great day !

We started with running up the stairs,  Remy first , then me and Michel who stopped at the middle ?!… Well,  that was just the beginning…

We decided to do some cage ( fighting in a limited space ) sparring this sunday, with regular clothes on ,  for reality fighting. We also filmed the fights. (I have posted the videos on our Group page on facebook .)

First exercise : One  person is trying to keep the TWJKD on guard position, The other person uses any way of attack he wants, this is really good and intense way of practice, it forces you to adapt because you don´t know what´s coming and how .
First Remy and Michel and then Michel against me.

I noticed it before with this kind of stressful situation where you have nowhere to go, I get some kind of strength and I give it all, this is pretty interesting how I also feel no pain at all during the fight ( comes after ) and just go for it, the adrenaline level in my body must be fenomenal !!! I have been training for 5 years with Micke,  first today I feel I have made some progress and I can see and feel it, I also can tell what I do wrong and it gives me the opportunity to target the work I have to do from there.

Exercise no 2 : Intercepting .

Michel and Remy had some great fights together and after the Intercepting session where one is attacking and the other tries to apply the JKD technique , it ended with Remy lying on the ground for several minutes after being hit by Michel´s knee to the groin 🙂

We finished in the stairs, Michel and Remy carrying each other and me doing the wheelbarrow ( go upp the stairs on my hands )  upwards.

Very intense session indeed ! but real good and the fact that we are filming gives us such a good opportunity to study our good and bad sides so we can work on it !

Later that day I retrieved some old films from the time with Coshe, I lent the tapes to  Micke and he told me we will do some of those exercices next sunday …

One word ( or three ) : Get ready guys !