Speed vs Slow

Yesterday I asked Micke if we could have a private session instead of the gym, I needed more attention to the front hand lead , footwork, speed and kicks and wanted him to correct some details and to give me some advice on my own training during the week

I practised on the heavy bag, on mitts and on the paper sheet.

It is always the same problem as soon as I start thinking I loose it all !  Seems so easy when Micke does it , actually !  but again, I can absolutely not compare myself to him.

I can only watch and learn and practise until I get it right , he says he gives me three years and I will be as good as Him … euh .. no he did not !  He said three more years and I will be a good fighter, I realise I have to put some more hours daily training because I personnaly think I will need it.

Anyway after at least a hundred times trying to get the front hande lead  right , I went to the heavy bag and worked on my kicks, they are better apparently which is good, I feel more stability and that was good news.

After that we did some more drills to gain stability in the moves.

In the air, hook kick:  low  regular and high, first with landing in between , then without landing 

Same thing with side and front kick

after that we repeated with some speed

and the last one with the slowest motion possible,

This one was interesting is NOT as easy as it sounds, the position and  balance to be kept at all times during the developement of the kick , good exercise actually.

I repeated al this a while after Micke had left yesterday and this will be part of the program for quite a while from now on.