Month: November 2012

November 27th, Bruce

Today is Bruce Lee´s birthday , he would have been 72 years old.

Two years ago we were in San Francisco having the best time, meeting Linda Lee was a big deal for me I am greatful for this moment and everything that happened during this trip with Mikael. This date is celebrating those memories too.


Today Nov 22nd is thanksgiving in the USA.

We were in San Francisco two years ago for Bruce´s 70th bithday celebration and we could also celebrate thanksgiving there, the food was so good I hope we can do that again someday!

Private Session

Yesterday we worked with weights and wrestling. For me who is half Mikael´s weight ( ! ) it is very hard to get out when I am down, the only thing that would (maybe) work in this case is the ugly stuff, but this is training we are not here to hurt each other so I just tried my best  but let´s face it, it does NOT work! when you are 50kgs and down under a 100kgs guy who knows what to do , you´re dead! I managed quite well to stay on my feet at first but eventually I went down. This is a good exercise to mesure the level of stress and energy, the time when you are in such a position where you can´t breathe anymore, then you can say stop but in real life you can´t, that is why it is so good to train these techniques.

Weight lifting was well needed as well, we don´t do enough of that but  we have changed our training schedule now.

HIGH… and low

Yesterday´s session was not so good for me. I could not get the flow going, it is common every now and then to not feeling it. I accept it, this is the way it goes , I just have to pick myself up and keep going.

I have had low times before and felt pretty bad about it, I learnt that the negative energy does not help , keeping a positive attitude and keeping going no matter what,  helps greatly. The fact that I have such a good instructor has my confidence running on a more balanced level so I am not worried,  I get the best guidance I will pick it up !


2012 is coming to an end and we want to thank all members that have come to the training sessions this year.

Now we have made some decisions regarding the future and Mikael and I decided to prioritise our own training, we are still having group sessions but not on the same regular basis,  Mikael is also coming up to speed with private lessons.

A lot of people are contacting us, everyone is welcome even  if  we don´t want to have too many members because we are a non profit organisation and we want to keep the numbers low in order to maintain a certain level of quality.

We will also organise local seminars and maybe a second one with our friends Håkon and Oyvind from JKD Norway.

JKD Sweden will also be travelling to Seattle in February to meet our friends, we really look forward to this.