Private Session

Yesterday we worked with weights and wrestling. For me who is half Mikael´s weight ( ! ) it is very hard to get out when I am down, the only thing that would (maybe) work in this case is the ugly stuff, but this is training we are not here to hurt each other so I just tried my best  but let´s face it, it does NOT work! when you are 50kgs and down under a 100kgs guy who knows what to do , you´re dead! I managed quite well to stay on my feet at first but eventually I went down. This is a good exercise to mesure the level of stress and energy, the time when you are in such a position where you can´t breathe anymore, then you can say stop but in real life you can´t, that is why it is so good to train these techniques.

Weight lifting was well needed as well, we don´t do enough of that but  we have changed our training schedule now.