Month: October 2013

Oldies are back :-)

I still can´t use my right arm so I have to rest a little longer but while I am at it, some “old” faces are just coming back with no warning !:-) Good to hear that Michel was back from San Francisco and trained together with Coshe who is back from LA for a month. Yesterday session was apparently very good and of course (as usual with those guys) very intense and enjoyable.

I am very sad to be out like this, it seems this time I will have to be very careful not to mess my arm up forever, the doc says it can become chronic if I am not careful, the problem is how careful can you be when you train martial arts? There is no way I give that up, I will just have to find my own way.

Here we go AGAIN!

After last session a month ago I complained about muscle soreness which seemed to take longer than usual, today after 4 weeks I still can´t use my arm and it is because of a deeper problem, I actually have nerve damage and muscle inflamation. I feel pain constantly and cannot do anything with the right arm at all. The doctor says no training at least until I start to feel an improvement.I am going to work on my lower body instead for a while as soon as I don´t feel the tension in my back anymore.

It is very frustrating, this is always a major problem for me, I am going to loose my muscle mass again and my JKD is going to suffer from it, one more time! I have been there before and I know how this is affecting me. Even if I have trained JKD for 9 years now I don´t have the pretention to say I am good enough to take a break and get back just where I was, I know the work this is going to take afterwards and it feels like I am taking some steps back, that really bothers me.

I always try to stay positive but this is a part of a journey and the meaning of this blog, describe my feelings and experiences. I am in a pretty bad phase right now, my mission is to take myself back up again.