Month: December 2011

Goodbye Warehouse…

That was our last training in the warehouse for us. André , Adam, David and Gina were present this Sunday.

We actually had a quite calm session , Mikael thought he would go easy on us which is good in a way ….or not ! I know for sure he is preparing a tougher training for next year, not only will we get more group sessions but the intensity will be increased.

Anyway , yesterday we worked on mitts most of the time, we did basic punch  and kicks drills.

After a short sparring session  we did some pushups situps and jumps. Without revealing any names, I saw some ugly girly pushups out there !!!  🙂

Next Sunday won´t be any training as we get the keys,  we will spend the day moving in and fixing the place the way Mikael and I want it, I really look forward to that.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year !!!


This was the almost last session in the warehouse, one more and the one after will be in our new place!

Participants: Pierre, André and Gina

Pierre and I started warming up and jumped rope for a couple of minutes

Then we worked on mitts :

Straight lead



Shovel hook

Combinations: jab cross hook with different rhythms and speeds

Hook and side kicks

When André arrived he worked on the same thing with Pierre, I did some footwork during this time.

Then we started on sparring drills.

First trying to take  the partner down who had to avoid it by keeping a good stance

Then adding punches and kicks to it

Then we put the helmets on to spice it a little more.

We did several rounds, I worked with Mikael and the guys worked together.

There was some intensity in the sparring and as for the last minutes Mikael and I stopped to look at what the guys did, we agreed there is some good potential there!

I requested some pushups and sit-ups to finish the session which wasn´t so popular…

Then while Mikael drove the guys back to the train station, I went on with more sit-ups drills and finished with stretching.

It felt Ok to spar but I have a big problem with my helmet which blocks the sight too much. André replaced his grid with one from a Hockey helmet, it looks like it works just fine, I will try that as well.

The fact that I don´t see well makes me do big mistakes and misjudge the distances, I punched Mikael right in the jaw and this was not meant to be as he had no helmet on (He lent his to Pierre for the session).

This is why we all need to have our own gear so everyone can train at the same time, I would add that for hygiene reasons I would not lend mine! 😆

So we hope that as for January 1st,  everyone has the requested gear for each session.

Mikael and I discussed the session afterwards and were pleased to say we have two good guys here that look serious  dedicated and have really good potential.

So see you next time for the last training in the warehouse,  we will have to celebrate somehow!


One of the most important aspects of JKD for me is to be myself. No one will ever be or look like Bruce Lee or Ted Wong  but surely there are a lot of people who think they do. Well, this is  not my problem, I am true to myself and the only person I would be happy to look like in JKD is my instructor, but because of the body structure and a couple of other parameters,  I will never do and I think it is good to know that.

It is important for me to find my way, this is where my own evolution in the art will take place. There will always be some people thinking, “you do this wrong, I know better”, well I let them think what they want. There was a time when I was bothered by what people would think but really, who cares! I respect people’s opinion but I will only take the one from my own instructor because after 7 years,  I think I know how most things should look like,  even if I don´t do it right ( yet ).

All this is a question of self confidence and I know a lot about that! I lacked it for many years and after a couple of years training JKD things changed, not only my body but my mind got stronger.

Of course I still get sad at times especially when I spar like a grasshopper! I get disappointed at myself and mad, but I only have myself to blame for that.

I still produce negative energy for myself but I don´t take any negative energy from anyone else, this is the way Mikael and I are working and with the things going on out there, this the only way to not get totally insane 😆