I´ll Be Back !

Last time I wrote was about the topic that has haunted me for a year , PAIN ! I have not spent a single day without it since then. Only now it seems doctors finally sent me to the right treatment process , just had an MRI and a new physician working deeper on muscle level. So all this to say, I can´t wait to start training again and we will get back with some news about summer training real soon.

Mikael has already talked to our guys and hopefully we can meet outside in a couple of months.

It is no surprise that we miss our training but also because of this Covid situation, it is more obvious that we miss contacts and people we used to train with.

So even if I won´t be able to be my usual crazy self at training, I will be very happy to do whatever I can during the next training session.

Welcome back JKD Sweden, see you in the summer

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