Month: August 2013


Yesterday we trained with much intensity on the heavy bag and on mitts

The four of us ( Will, Anton , Henning and I ) had an exhausting but really great time !

We are very pleased to see the determination and the dedication of our  new student Anton .

After the session I was given the opportunity to coach and show Henning the basics. I only went through the footwork and the on guard position showing how the technique is based on them. I added some talk about the state of mind and some thoughts about the journey and the differents phases a JKD student is going through.

I really appreciated this, thank you Mikael.


The trip to San Francisco  is planned for november, we talked to Allen on the phone when he turned 90 (  July 31th ).

Allen and Annie were having a common birthday party to celebrate both their 90th birthdays! I was so happy to talk to both of them on the phone, we were not able to find a flying ticket for the occasion but we will make sure we can meet them in November.

Pictures below are from our friend Jeff Chinn ( world´s biggest Bruce Lee collector).

Allen with his wonderful wife Annie - July 2012

Allen Joe with Bruce Lee - 1966

I feel blessed to know Allen and Annie and I can´t wait to meet them again in November.

San Francisco is always a wonderful experience, it will be the 3rd time and everytime I wish the trip would not end.


one of the most common problems is to be stiff and stressed, too concentrated or thinking to much, achieving relaxation and control without showing it too much is not an easy task. I noticed that I and even some other people like Will after a while became more relaxed and by that the technique looks better. Sometimes trying too much is not the way there are things we need to accept such as IT TAKES TIME ! Noone will be good at it in just a couple of years.

For my part I have trained with Mikael for 8 years now and I still have a long way to go but I don´t get depressed because I know what it takes and perseverence is for those who really want it so if after 8 years I am still here it must be because I want it  for real ! 🙂

Nobody showed at last training session so I had my instructor all for myself ! I went through the punches and kicks tehnique to finish with rounds on the heavy bag. I was  not feeling at my best because I have been sick, I did not have too much energy so I said I would not stress myself too much and I felt no pressure,  this is where I noticed I get better when I am relaxed !

New Member

We are pleased to welcome  a new member :

A couple of weeks ago Anton  started training with us, he has a Wing Chun background

Welcome to him and we look forward to next training session.