Month: November 2014

Getting better!

I´d better write while I can access my blog !:-)

so yes I am much better,  I had a set back some weeks ago, as I thought I was better I did not think some exercises are still a NO GO ,  so I trained for the plank, my record is 4,15 and this is why I went straight back to the doctor ! stupid yes but how long is that going to take now really ???

so no plank anymore, Ok. I can do almost anything else so it is not the end of the world, the most important is to reach my goal which is to build myself some serious muscles and get stronger in order to avoid JKD injuries.

San Francisco 2014

Next week we would have been on a plane on our way to our beloved town but we could not make it this year.

I feel sad about it, I know how sunny and awesome the town is in november compared to what we have here.

We are of course already planning for the trip next year and we want to make it as soon as possible.

So Allen , Annie , Julie and  Jeff,  we´ll see you soon !