Month: May 2015

Women vs Men ?

I just read an article in the paper regarding a 25 year old girl who was attacked and defended herself by using karate. Her message is “have your daughters learn martial arts” !  YES !!!! I have said it so many times to my friends and family.

Some would say a woman has no chance against a man, why not? Most of the cowards who attack a women don´t expect her to know how to defend herself and this is the advantage she has. Some men just think women are inferior and feel they can do anything they want, this has to stop, if more women learnt martial arts it would help in most cases and these guys would maybe think twice before they try anything.

This is the same with other types of  attacks, being a french I have diffiulties accepting insults or stupid attitudes, to give you an example some men hate that women drive faster than them or try to provide you from changing line by stepping on gas so you almost crash with another car, tell me how is that a normal behaviour? and why do they expect no reaction ?  This is the same thing,  because I am a woman I should accept and shut up ? Think again. In these situations that happen quite a lot, I am convinced that these men never do that if a man is driving the other car , so this is the same thing, I will defend myself just not physically in this case.

I don´t use to react because as I just wrote,  it happens all the time, but yesterday I did because I am so tired of that superiotity some men think they have, if they never get a reaction they will never stop with the attitude, same as rapists and those who beat women or animals.

Now again, have your girls learn martial arts, it is not only good for the body and the mind, it will give them self estime and teach them respect and if some day they need to use it,  I garanty it will make a difference  and  will maybe even save their life!

My God daughter is visiting this summer, she already asked me to teach her JKD, I am so pleased!