Month: October 2010

Let´s Spar

Earlier this week I asked Micke to be a bit tougher during sparring this sunday. Well, I asked for it…

Yesterday we  sparred in my training room, before he arrived he sent me a text message : Clear the room ! Sparring time!

I had a feeling about what he had planned when he told me to also take down all the Bruce Lee paintings from the walls…

A while ago when training outside with the guys, we had tried a close combat where one person is against a wall, attacked in all ways possible and the only thing to do is try to get out ! This day  I almost managed  when I found my whole self  bumped into the wall several times.( The adrenaline is so high I did not feel a thing.)

Anyway the sparring session yesterday was  with helmet gloves and mouth guard. Thank God! I got several straight leads and those famous kicks in the head,  as usual!

We filmed some parts because I wanted to see how I look like in the fights,  so I can see what I need to work on and things I need to practise more.

Again I was thrown against a wall ( AH you think  I didn´t see this one coming ? ) , the thing is it should not be so easy and already because of the difference of size ( and weight) I have a disadvantage, I need to get my mobility and distance  more in control.

But  I felt I was doing pretty good not backing up and not giving up. I threw some punches and kicks at the right place and  time, others not so good but one good point for me is that I have NO fear. ( I have to admit Micke freaked me out before and he still  does sometimes 🙂 ) Anyway , I felt  the technique was better  and I also felt I was more stable on my feet.

When I posted the video on facebook I  got some great feedback . The fact that I train with a big guy like Micke is a real advantage, I got it tough and it is because it is tough that I succeed and make some progress. 


Next post on my blog will be my number 100!  I need to come up with something special to celebrate, stay tuned 🙂

Friday training session

Tonight according to the new schedule,   I ´m gonna hit the bag 🙂

I start with 6 minutes rope


Heavy bag : 10 rounds of 2 minutes using all combinations at different levels of speed and strength.

Finishing with stretching

I have to be prepared for the Sunday sparring session as it is gonna get tougher !

Some people ask me why I am enjoying this , I answer : you have to spar like mad if you want to be good at JKD,  especially after 6 years !

So why do I like it ? Well I don´t like it,

I love it ! 🙂

Dedicated TWJKD Girls….

Training JKD requires dedication perseverance passion and will.

This is not only a question of liking Bruce Lee; This is a question of being involved in the style and embrace it as a way of life.

Perseverance is required, understanding that this will take time before you can consider yourself good at it.

I am not  the only woman training  TWJKD  in Europe but as far as I can see,  I am the most  involved at that level.

I started 2004 at Stefan´s School and 2005 privately with Micke so I  have now some years of experience, I evolved a lot and I am involved in the style in all aspects.

This is the dedication I am talking about,  I have a long way to go, but because of my dedication and seriousness, I will get there and I have never considered quitting or doing anything else.

So why aren’t there many dedicated women training TWJKD and lasting  ? Apart from Teri who is an instructor, you have me in Europe and you have Amy Kelly in the US. Amy started JKD one year ago. She is training privately with TWJKD Instructor Tom Harvey.   Lisa Root is also another of our girls, she is training with TWJKD Instructor Mike Gittelson.

Private Training with your Instructor is a real big advantage , we get more time and closer attention. Micke is spending a LOT of time on my training and he also pushes me to my limits in order for me to improve.

I have seen other girls starting JKD and all of them quit at some point, I think because they realised the work they had in front of them. It takes more than coming down to the school once or twice a week , the personal work at home and on yourself is huge, if you don’t have that  dedication,  it does not work. TWJKD sets the bar High, you cannot get any certificate easily and becoming Instructor or coach  is ( for most of us :-)),  just a dream and it should be because it requires many years of practice to earn it , that is what Quality is all about!

I believe this also has to do with the fact that there are almost only men training JKD , this can discourage the girls and here too is a question of dedication, but I understand it at some point.

At the beginning I felt myself really frustrated when I “graduated” from the girls group and entered the first level where there were only guys. I was quite annoyed by them unwilling to spar with me or showing total lack of respect and considering I could not be hit because I was a girl.

This changed when I started with Micke, I took some punches and kicks in the head, I almost passed out a couple of times but you know what, it made me where I am today. JKD is a fighting Art, you need to be tough and sparring is the only way.

So not having many girls training TWJKD is not a problem if you ask me, It makes us being special!

JKD in real life

How do you apply in the real life situations ? situations that have nothing to do with  Martial Arts ?

I mean situations where you need to be in control of your emotions in order to react quickly and correctly and not let yourself go over to a panic stage which leads to nothing good.

One more time I see the impact of JKD in my life.

In regards to a recent event,  I mean Simon the cat who was hit by the car before me yesterday.  I was able to react and take over the situation. The guy who drove on the cat had no clue or no intention to do anything.  I immediately took over ,  took the cat in my car and drove away. I kept control of myself all the way even when I noticed he had stopped breathing, when I arrived at the hospital and they told me he was gone,  it is when I lost it. 

JKD really changed me. because of a difficult childhood I had behaviour problems, a tendency to act defensive and difficulty to trust people. A couple of years ago I would have been hysterical unable to control myself, take a decision or act quickly.

Today I am thinking about the way I handled it and even if I am very sad about not being able to save him, I am proud of my capacity of reaction and taking the matter in my own hands without hesitation. I would have done the same for a dog or a squirrel, whatever, I love animals and I deeply respect life .

Regarding Simon, I could not have done anything anyway but I am thankful for having been given the chance to take the cat in a safe place, put him on a warm blanket and give him affection before he went to heaven, at least he did not have to die alone on the side of the road and I made sure of that.


yesterday was my day off, I actually have only rope and stretching on my program for mondays, but I could not sit still. I did some  footwork , rounds on the heavy bag and footwork again.

Some days I feel I have too much energy and I just need to hit the bag.

the thing is I cannot stop thinking about JKD, yesterday while explaining to my colleagues that we took some pictures during sunday training , I saw them looking at my legs , I wondered why and I found myself standing in on guard position  ! .

Good, so I am ready if something happens 🙂

But seriously, I need to relax a bit, sometimes I involve myself a bit too much. There are things I find unfair, talented people not recognized and unexistant talent rewarded …  if this is the way it is gonna be I will have to distant myself from it and concentrate on my training instead. I know where the quality is and this is the most important.

Anyway, in San Francisco we will meet Mike from  Colorado and  Jari from Spain, this be really good, I look forward to meet them as well as other people coming to the event, it will be nice to  meet people that we talk to over the internet. Apparently there will be a seminar in Montreal next year , which is interesting because I had planned to move there a couple of years ago …   We are also talking about going to Colorado in July next year !

Lots of great things to look forward to…

Autumn Training !

Yes this is probably the most beautiful season for outside training.

We went down to the lake and started with light sparring

The pier is only a section attached by a chain on a rock which means it is really unstable and there is water all around.

The exercise is having you very aware of the surroundings and forces you to adapt to the distance and judge the correct amount of movement in order not to take a dive!

The fact that the pier is moving and feels more like a floating wood plank,  makes you understand that a good balance is crucial!

The interesting thing here is that while sparring I hardly noticed the pier moving …

We moved up hill to the graffiti place and worked on focus mitts a while:

Straight lead

Cross and hook

Straight lead- cross- hook – cross- hook- bob and weave- jab

Then we added some kicks :

Mainly hook kick  and side kick

While the guys went to the other side of the hill I decided to run it up and met them down on the other side.

This one surprised me; I ran faster than ever and felt stronger on my legs. My own weekly training is going in the right direction.

On the other side,  we worked on pads I wanted to add more time on my kicks:

Low regular and high hook kicks

Side kicks

Micke told me the technique looks good and I am stronger and more precise.

This is good,  it felt like it.

We discussed later on about my evolution and especially the mental part where I am not afraid anymore and just do it.

I have evolved mentally not only during training but also in life and I am happy about it. I feel I am more in control of my life and more balanced than ever.

JKD is more than something I do or a passion it is part of my life, something I would not live without.


Well let´s talk about being a little tougher now

Half an hour before Micke arrived at my place I started to warm up with rope and stretch- kicks, some footwork and stretching.

Today was going to be circle training.

– Rope ( again ) , 4 minutes

– Heavy bag:

 Only kicks all in, keeping the technique speed and power.  Those felt quite good today,  I actually noticed my guard was up ! good ..

– On the floor: 

Micke sitting on me with focus mitts, punch first with the back on the floor, straight leads then elbows, then lift the back to be able to use the body during punches . This is adding more power and working the abs!

– Back to the rope,  3 minutes

– Heavy bag :

Only punches, keep your position and technique !  “This looks like crap”  ! says Micke , Yeah I know,  it feels like it too …I can´t explain why , too tired already ???

– Back on the floor:

Face down Micke lying on me, “take yourself up !!!!  use your legs” .  I manage actually quite good there .

– Rope , 2 minutes

– Footwork:

Use it to avoid Mickes kicks :  … hm  .. not too good . I need to get some speed !

– Being stuck in a small area:

I am placed in a corner of the room and Micke even closes the door for me not to back up . I have to use the footwork sideways to get out of there, no punching or kicking , just move your feet. This is definetely something I need to work on..

– Some drills to test the legs resistance:

Micke is holding my foot and adding some resistance, I will do 10 hook kicks and 10 side . I have to say I did not find this too difficult I managed well with this one.

– In the horse stance position:

Try to stay as long as possible…repeat several times.  Now I am getting tired,  it shows here..

–  Then I will do some static stretch position:  this one is actually  quite Ok .

– Finish on the floor:

Micke is lying on me, “do whatever it takes to take yourself out!”  hmmm Micke keeps repeating : “Punch harder I don´t feel anything” ! I feel I do not have enough power and  I can´t breathe,  Micke is so heavy but at the same time he asks several times : “do you give up” ?  and Hell NO !  I can be very stuburn ( it is also my character in life ) I can´t just quit!  so we go on for a while and I manage to get some punching in the head and rolling to the side  reaching all possible targets but I still can´t get out so we stopped eventually.

I was thinking,  this is really annoying because of the weight difference I am stuck down, but the thing is , first don´t get down and if you end up there anyway , be quick and precise then RUN  …

I feel the training is getting more intense, I know that Micke has great expectations and I am so thankful because I know this is how I will be better, he never treated me like a girl before but now it is quite obvious that he is considering I can take more and this is good news 🙂


I get often irritated by people bragging, in my opinion people bragging about things they don´t master is very irritating and this is often the case.

We see lots of crap on the internet, people with no skills making money on Bruce´s name, girls in shorts with no JKD skills whatsoever (!) claiming they are instructors, give me a break , this is a disgrace for those who are training seriously!

I will not go further in that debate or I will write 100 pages … I just wanted to point it out.

And returning to the main subject regarding bragging,

Well just go back and look at what people said about Bruce, he bragged.

YES BECAUSE HE COULD and he proved it numerous times! He was the best at what he did, so if you ask me yes, I think it is Ok for someone like him to do it.

Let me quote Muhammed Ali: “It is not bragging if you can back it up ! ”

But people who are good at what they do should not be referred as braggers, they tell you what works because they KNOW and they DO, the question is: Are you skilled enough to recognise who they are?

Most of the time, it is a question of jealousy or not accepting change and new people, this is a pity but it is how the world is.

And there are so many of those, people questioning, challenging, criticising…

Criticism is Ok if it comes from people who know what they are talking about, and good if you ask me, because it is how we learn from each others.

But criticism from people who have no clue or good argument or skill, is just a waste of our precious time!

I quoted this before and I will do that again and again because I will never forget what Ted told us

“ don´t waste energy on other´s negativity”

And One of mine:

Discussing with empty brained people is no use, don´t lower yourself to their level.

Creation :-)

I try to be creative myself 🙂 no advanced techniques here, I  just put our outline behind our Group Logo.

I must say I really like it , we decided to have it printed on the back of some hoods.