yesterday was my day off, I actually have only rope and stretching on my program for mondays, but I could not sit still. I did some  footwork , rounds on the heavy bag and footwork again.

Some days I feel I have too much energy and I just need to hit the bag.

the thing is I cannot stop thinking about JKD, yesterday while explaining to my colleagues that we took some pictures during sunday training , I saw them looking at my legs , I wondered why and I found myself standing in on guard position  ! .

Good, so I am ready if something happens 🙂

But seriously, I need to relax a bit, sometimes I involve myself a bit too much. There are things I find unfair, talented people not recognized and unexistant talent rewarded …  if this is the way it is gonna be I will have to distant myself from it and concentrate on my training instead. I know where the quality is and this is the most important.

Anyway, in San Francisco we will meet Mike from  Colorado and  Jari from Spain, this be really good, I look forward to meet them as well as other people coming to the event, it will be nice to  meet people that we talk to over the internet. Apparently there will be a seminar in Montreal next year , which is interesting because I had planned to move there a couple of years ago …   We are also talking about going to Colorado in July next year !

Lots of great things to look forward to…

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