JKD in real life

How do you apply in the real life situations ? situations that have nothing to do with  Martial Arts ?

I mean situations where you need to be in control of your emotions in order to react quickly and correctly and not let yourself go over to a panic stage which leads to nothing good.

One more time I see the impact of JKD in my life.

In regards to a recent event,  I mean Simon the cat who was hit by the car before me yesterday.  I was able to react and take over the situation. The guy who drove on the cat had no clue or no intention to do anything.  I immediately took over ,  took the cat in my car and drove away. I kept control of myself all the way even when I noticed he had stopped breathing, when I arrived at the hospital and they told me he was gone,  it is when I lost it. 

JKD really changed me. because of a difficult childhood I had behaviour problems, a tendency to act defensive and difficulty to trust people. A couple of years ago I would have been hysterical unable to control myself, take a decision or act quickly.

Today I am thinking about the way I handled it and even if I am very sad about not being able to save him, I am proud of my capacity of reaction and taking the matter in my own hands without hesitation. I would have done the same for a dog or a squirrel, whatever, I love animals and I deeply respect life .

Regarding Simon, I could not have done anything anyway but I am thankful for having been given the chance to take the cat in a safe place, put him on a warm blanket and give him affection before he went to heaven, at least he did not have to die alone on the side of the road and I made sure of that.