Dedicated TWJKD Girls….

Training JKD requires dedication perseverance passion and will.

This is not only a question of liking Bruce Lee; This is a question of being involved in the style and embrace it as a way of life.

Perseverance is required, understanding that this will take time before you can consider yourself good at it.

I am not  the only woman training  TWJKD  in Europe but as far as I can see,  I am the most  involved at that level.

I started 2004 at Stefan´s School and 2005 privately with Micke so I  have now some years of experience, I evolved a lot and I am involved in the style in all aspects.

This is the dedication I am talking about,  I have a long way to go, but because of my dedication and seriousness, I will get there and I have never considered quitting or doing anything else.

So why aren’t there many dedicated women training TWJKD and lasting  ? Apart from Teri who is an instructor, you have me in Europe and you have Amy Kelly in the US. Amy started JKD one year ago. She is training privately with TWJKD Instructor Tom Harvey.   Lisa Root is also another of our girls, she is training with TWJKD Instructor Mike Gittelson.

Private Training with your Instructor is a real big advantage , we get more time and closer attention. Micke is spending a LOT of time on my training and he also pushes me to my limits in order for me to improve.

I have seen other girls starting JKD and all of them quit at some point, I think because they realised the work they had in front of them. It takes more than coming down to the school once or twice a week , the personal work at home and on yourself is huge, if you don’t have that  dedication,  it does not work. TWJKD sets the bar High, you cannot get any certificate easily and becoming Instructor or coach  is ( for most of us :-)),  just a dream and it should be because it requires many years of practice to earn it , that is what Quality is all about!

I believe this also has to do with the fact that there are almost only men training JKD , this can discourage the girls and here too is a question of dedication, but I understand it at some point.

At the beginning I felt myself really frustrated when I “graduated” from the girls group and entered the first level where there were only guys. I was quite annoyed by them unwilling to spar with me or showing total lack of respect and considering I could not be hit because I was a girl.

This changed when I started with Micke, I took some punches and kicks in the head, I almost passed out a couple of times but you know what, it made me where I am today. JKD is a fighting Art, you need to be tough and sparring is the only way.

So not having many girls training TWJKD is not a problem if you ask me, It makes us being special!

4 thoughts on “Dedicated TWJKD Girls….

  1. Maybe . . . just maybe JKD is not for girls, due to its roughness and hard contact, so just few survive! 😉

    Keep it up!!

    Jari Nyman


  2. good article Gina
    There are many martial arts girls in the world, the JKD world is very small, especially TWJKD. If trained with the right attitude there is nothing too rough, but I think it takes hard effort to train TWJKD, especially when you are the only woman in a group, this is also a good thing, the resistance in sparring will be hard and will strenghten you.
    Just do it……….or not…simple as that


  3. If we talk about real fighting and not just sparring…it is very probable that one has to defend against a bigger and stronger or larger group in numbers, so when you are a girl your odds are even worse. Therefore your training with guys is essential and for trainer it is important to treat girls as tough as others! Just for the sake of reality . . . . security in the long run!

    Maybe that is the reason for not having so many girls in JKD, as many want to be treated as “princesses”, but in the outside world … hmm… I’ll leave that for you to imagine..

    Good job Gina!


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