Month: October 2012

The other side…

Lately I have been thinking about death a lot. Not only have I lost people in my JKD family but in my own as well. Now Maybe it is because one of my best friend’s mother who I know very well, has received the bad news , maybe it is because I reached an age when I figure I don´t have much time left.

Either way thinking about death and be afraid of it is not good for the mind, it spoils the moment, the time that we have to live but being aware that we are not here forever can also be a reminder that there are things we take for granted, things we don´t enjoy or appreciate enough.

I have made choices in my life, good or bad but I don´t regret any of them because they brought me where I am today, of course some parts are missing and even if this is painful, I am grateful for what I have. I just need to be reminded that sometimes that I don´t have much time, I can´t do things later, things I feel and have to say to some people can´t wait because I never know if I´ll get the chance later, there may not be a “later”.

I drove passed the lake yesterday and stopped the car thinking I have to enjoy this and appreciate what I have before I can´t do it anymore.

Let´s get real, nobody knows where and when, life is here now let´s enjoy it and make the best of it.


Only Adam and I were at the training session this wednesday. We worked mostly on reaction on mitts with and without helmet, skipping  punch and skipping  a stick “a la Ted Wong “and finally kicks and punches  on the gigantik kick pad we got from Stefan´s old club.

Mikael made everything last longer to see how long we could keep a good technique knowing the reps will have to be many and quick.

We both need to work more on stamina, it was hard work ,  Mikael pushed us  but it was very good indeed to test the limits.

Adam went almost straight to work after that I must say I am impressed.

See you next time

Stuff from Stefan

Mikael and I started cleaning and sorting our gear because we got more stuff from Stefan´s old club and we have too many things in our little space. We kept in there enough for our training and the rest will go to storage to be used when needed.

We now have a wooden dummy standing in a corner as well as my favourite toy: the poor Bob. I always wanted to have one of those:-)

Last Night after cleaning we had a great session with Micke G and Will. We worked hard on combinations on mitts/ pads, kicks and punches with count.

That was a well needed hard work for all of us.

We are planning to film and take nice training pictures outside this weekend, we hope for a nice autumn weather.

Training Information

We train as a group on wednesdays 19-21 and Sundays 16-18 , indoors : Kärrdal, Sollentuna or Outdoors : Växjöbacken Sollentuna.

Times and place can be modified in this case the information is coming from our instructor in due time.

Instructor  and Contact person: Mikael Egidéus

Most people are welcome to our training after they have agreed on a meeting with our instructor,

We apreciate seriousness and dedication in respect to our instructor´s time and ours as well.

Thank you for your interest.

New category

As we decided to shut the website down my blog will be used as website/ news site as well.

This is under this category that we will add news and contact information regarding events and so on.


Today is one year ago since Stefan Nikander passed. Still in our thoughts and certainly not forgotten.

Our thoughts go his children especially to his son  Nicholas who also turned eighteen today


In 2005 I started JKD and since then I have never stopped, I have seen people come and go, and people stay. Now we have people travelling the world, Remy is in China, Michel is somewhere …  Left are not too many and it is OK but I am starting to get very irritated by people contacting us and saying thay have waited all their life to train JKD, when we invite them they don´t show up ! I write this because it is not one or two it is more like 10 ,  I would like a little more respect for our time and training.