The other side…

Lately I have been thinking about death a lot. Not only have I lost people in my JKD family but in my own as well. Now Maybe it is because one of my best friend’s mother who I know very well, has received the bad news , maybe it is because I reached an age when I figure I don´t have much time left.

Either way thinking about death and be afraid of it is not good for the mind, it spoils the moment, the time that we have to live but being aware that we are not here forever can also be a reminder that there are things we take for granted, things we don´t enjoy or appreciate enough.

I have made choices in my life, good or bad but I don´t regret any of them because they brought me where I am today, of course some parts are missing and even if this is painful, I am grateful for what I have. I just need to be reminded that sometimes that I don´t have much time, I can´t do things later, things I feel and have to say to some people can´t wait because I never know if I´ll get the chance later, there may not be a “later”.

I drove passed the lake yesterday and stopped the car thinking I have to enjoy this and appreciate what I have before I can´t do it anymore.

Let´s get real, nobody knows where and when, life is here now let´s enjoy it and make the best of it.