Month: May 2021


It Started in January 2020 in Sweden. Until now May 2021 I was lucky enough to have avoided being infected and I was always careful, worked from home , avoided contact and followed all the rules about restrictions and still one and a half year after, I got infected.
It started 12 days ago I got very sick,  spent three nights and days in my bed and after that it was up-and-down with difficulties breathing, fortunately I didn’t require hospital care and I’m very thankful for it but believe me, this will make you think you are dying, the only fact that you cannot breathe normally,  the slight feeling of not being able to breathe fully is very difficult to deal with.
Still today After 12 days, my throat is still hurting, I am very tired and I feel very weak but the breathing is normal which lifts a very big load on how I feel in general.  I think that what is worse is not the fact that you’re sick, it feels like a very bad flu and everything in the body is hurting but the breathing is making you think that you’re gonna die or not wake up or need to call an ambulance in the middle of the night, this is the true horrible feeling of that virus.

A lot of people are in need of emergency care and that could happen to you very easily, knowing that , the panic and the depression are adding to the mix. 

Like any other serious medical condition, it makes you think about your life and what is important ,the difference with this virus is the isolation, the fact that you are so isolated that you cannot meet anybody, you cannot go out, it makes you feel very alone and if you end up at the hospital you know that nobody would be able to visit,  this is a horrible feeling.

During those days I could think a lot about things, about what I’ve done in my life before, the experiences that I had, the things that I am very happy about and of course my JKD time , my experience,  my trips to the States,  the people that I’ve met.

So for you people out there, don´t think you are safe because you have not had it yet and even if some people have a mild version of it, please know that it can give you long term problems and get back even months later.

I feel better now but still I am not back to normal , I still can´t go out I still don´t feel well at all, some people have gotten better and all of a sudden several months after, they get symptoms back, some even have been sick for a year , so I am taking this seriously and I feel sad because there is nothing different I have done from the past year, I have been careful all the time and I still got it, that makes me feel very helpless.

be safe everyone out there